Sustanon/Anavar Cycle

Looking for a bit more guidance on this cycle.

29 y/o
181 lbs
3 years training
2nd cycle first was test only

Sustanon 250 e3d weeks 1-12
Anavar @60 mg ed weeks 1-8

I have nolvadex and Arimidex on hand. My question is should I start an AI immediately or wait to see how things go? Also, I was thinking nolvadex only for PCT but have read that some people run both…

Should you start the AI immediately or wait and see, how did your first cycle go in regards to estrogen issues? Use that as a reference and influence for future cycles infact always think back to previous cycles as you move onto the next. I know I had more estrogen issues earlier in my cycle history but I had higher body fat then. Even as the fat went way down it took a little while for what I felt was extra aromatization to go down.

For PCT. Guys use both for peace of mind. How did your last PCT go and what did you use? I personally feel if you are going to be running cycles then see what a Nolvadex only then a clomid only PCT goes like for you. Whichever one went the best then stick to that. It is possible down the road you might need to change it but usually harder recoveries end up getting addressed with HCG on cycle.

For the anavar I personally feel 8 weeks for any oral is really pushing it unless the early weeks are a lower dosage that you ramp up. Please get yourself some milk thistle or TUDCA for your liver’s sake.

Thanks man appreciate the feedback. Last cycle got cut short due to a pretty bad car accident so no PCT to speak of, which is why I don’t really have any experience to fall back on. I’ve got arimidex on hand I guess the plan is just to wait and see how my body reacts to the test this go around, the last stuff I had seemed really watered down. I’m also wondering when I should start noticing the Var effects? Only been like 5 days but haven’t felt any stronger at this point, taking 60 mg a day