Sustanon an Inferior Form of Test?

A brief background:

After months of messing around back and forth with the GP, finally got to see an endo, they said they will put me on a 3 month trial of 250mg sustanon every other week with no ai or hcg. (And if that solves it they take me off it because my problem is cured?!?!?!?!?! See what I’m up against)
I am of course fighting to get at least weekly injections and hopefully hcg and an ai.

I have read from a few sources lately that sustanon may be an inferior form of testosterone, obviously I would prefer enanthate or cypionate but may have to make do. Am I better off telling them to leave it and treating myself?

Sus250 from a pharmacy is far better than black market treatment. Sus should work. If it were me I’d give a try before self medicating. I’m guessing the dose to be 1 amp per week???

my bad I see EOW on the Sus. That dosage might be a bit low. If you keep with the Sus please let us know how it works.