Sustanon Advice

Just started using sustanon. I’m 36 years old, I’m doing one injection a week. I’m only doing less than one ml an injection. Do I still need a pct? I was told no. I just need to cycle off every 3 months. Thanks

More details, are you using sust for TRT? And anytime you come off, you need PCT. Whatever your weekly dose is, I would still split it at least into two injections to keep your levels more stable (it does actually matter, even with the longer esters in sust).

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No I’m not using it for trt. What pct would you recommend. I’ve heard mixed reviews. As far as 2 injections are you saying split the dose instead of all at once.

Still not getting what your plan here is.

Two or three injections per week either Monday and Thursday, or m/w/f. Same total dose per week, but yes, split it up. for stable blood levels and less side effects. I personally love pinning myself but guys who don’t gotta get over it and take the plunge in order to have the best experience with this stuff. Not saying your scared of taking shots, but some guys are and need to understand the benefits of more frequent injections are plenty good enough to make it worth doing.