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Sustanon Advice?


hi there i 'm living in brisbane (australia) and i'm looking for some sustanon any advice?


find a source..preferably domestic as nothing gets through australian customs. Either way you are fucked because your local dealers will sell gear 10x what international suppliers sell it for.


i found this price , do you thing is ok ???????? (by a very good mate who have a mate in brisbane ...)
sustanon 10 ml x 250mg vial >>>>>>>> 16 dollars per ml .
sustanon 150 ml (10 X 10 ml ) x 250mg vial >>>>>>> 12 dollars per ml,
deca nandrolone 10 ml x 250 mg >>>>>>>16 dollars per ml .
deca nandrolone 150 ml ( 10 x 10 ml ) x 250 mg >>>>> 12 dollars per ml .
and apparently some guys got trick for the custom .....


So are you asking for info on a supplier that will ship to austrailia?


If you want to use AAS, and you can only get what you can get, then whatever you can get is as good as its going to get. Those prices aren't completely terrible, but you don't have a choice.


i don't trust much all this web site on internet ( so much placebo) so i wonder to know if somebody who is living in brisbane would be able to provide the susta by hand to hand in the city or around oterwise i know somebody but he ask me to wait 1 month ....... :frowning:
australian custom ....


You came on the internet to ask for someone to sell you steroids in person? Are you slow? What makes you think someone wont sell you fake stuff any less frequently than a website would?


i'm ain't slow mate but when i see all this web site trying to sell the sustanon by tablet lmao ..... actually when say "advice" is mean i'm looking for somebody trustworthy to get some anyway that's ok i will just wait few weeks more for my contact , if somebody wan get some whit me it would be cheapest cuz i don't need much(just for a cure)


Firstly read the sustanon PI , within 24hrs your peak at over 70nmol per L ,which puts you at nearly triple upper normal limits of testosterone in the body , which put you at risk of polycythemia . Sustanon only lasts for approx 2 weeks with the highest range only lasting 24hrs then it starts to leave the body through urine and feaces . It's a very old form of testosterone and probably would not get FDA or TGA approval these days do to prostate safety ,read Huggins clinical trial using Sustanon and prostate safety . Go see your GP and tell him to check you PSA and preform a DRE ,he won't report you for wanting to use Sustanon but he will make sure you are medically fit to use it


thanks mate