Sustanon 500mg Every Week. How to Use Arimidex?

Sustanon 250mg every tuesday and friday
What im not sure is how to use arimidex. I have read several post about arimidex… can anyone pls suggest me how to use… its my 2nd cycle… at first i got itchy tits and week 6… and my first cycle was 250mg only… i got injured and couldnt workout for more than 6 months… so i stopped at week 8… now i just started to work out again…can anyone pls suggest…?

I don’t think “itchy tits” (which can be psychosomatic) is enough of a reason to add an AI that could tank your E2 and cause worse problems. Maybe consider adding in a small dose of Nolvadex, or wait until you have blood test results that show you need severe estrogen control.

I see… thanks brother… will do…