Sustanon 500

Hi i’am 23 year old male that has been bodybuilding for around 2 and a half years recently a friend of mine bought some sustanon 500 and i’ve sort been thinking about steroid and test for about 6 months now can i get some advice on if it wouldn’t be a bad idear to use it and if so some info on amounts and other things i should be taking with it ?

Read the stickies at the top of the Steroids Forum…

Just mix it in with ur protein shake

well ive read alot of forms but yet to still find any that have started tips on what types are good for newbies and if ive have its been about types that ive never even heard of being around where i live. i live in a country where its hard to find anything

And also ive all ready decided on the amount ill be taking 1cc a week for 6 week cycle. i just want to know of somebody eles that has done the same thing if they have any tips or heads up.

How could you possibly have decided on a dose and duration if you admittedly don’t know whats proper for newbs to use??

Read the stickied threads at the top of the this forum.

And dont just barge onto a website and expect people to gather information for you and shove it in your face. You are hardly the first person to ever come to this site asking these questions. There is a search bar at the top of the screen. Use it. And read, a lot.

There is actually a whole bunch of threads that STAY at the top that say the words “Steroid” “Newbie” “planning”…all in the title, and things like “READ ME FIRST”.

Read the stickies, then ask questions.

this troll is becoming familiar to me as he/she consistently spells “idea”, “idear”.

He is going to do a 1CC cycle! How come you guys spend pages taking about your cycles and PCT when its really as easy as 1CC?

Thanks to the people that did send me some private msg with some great websites and some great info. no thanks to the people that just like to carry on.