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Sustanon 300/Anavar Cycle, PCT Help


So I'm almost done with an 8 week Sustanon 300/Anavar cycle (0.5 mL e3d, 60 mg Anavar ed), (see other threads for more details)...my question is when should I start my PCT (Nolva 40/40/20/20) I've been told anywhere from 2 weeks after my last shot of test to immediately after my last shot of test...

What is the recommended wait time b/w the last shot of test and the beginning of PCT?


ive always been told 2 weeks from last test injection. also how did you like Sustanon? i was gonna go at it for my next cycle.


It was my first cycle so I really don't have anything to compare it to but I've been amazed w/ my results (see "First Cycle - High Level Athlete/Martial Artist" thread for details)

I only ran 0.5 mL e3d & 60 mg Anavar ed..


Depends on the test you are using. I believe prop for example you would need to start Pct the day after your last shot. Cyp or enth you would wait 2 weeks. I never used sust but I would assume you would start after the longest ester has worked its way through your system.