Sustanon 250

This is my second cycle and im currently 12 weeks into it.

I’m using 500mg of sust a week alongside 100mg of Var e/d and 20mg of nolva e/d.

I’m thinking of running the test for 15 - 16 weeks, is this too long?


Anavar for 16 weeks? Too much time bro, too much.

You said your thinking of running the test 15-16 I take it not the var. In that case you are okay but for your second cycle it is pushing it and expect 2-3 months for full recovery. with sust there is a decanoate ester which is the longest (besides undecanoate) out there. So you may push it to 15-16 weeks but your going to still have test floating in you for a month after you stop with that long ass ester - making it around 20 weeks being on. Pretty painstaking recovery IMO.

The Var is to be taken from week 8 - 15.

BigRon - what do you mean by ‘painstaking recovery’ ?

from running that long its just going to be much more intense pct (should be at least) and longer til your back to good energy levels all around and in the gym. additionally, going to be couple months to return to natural estrogen levels and be able to play with your dick again at a normal rate. moody and overall fatigue will be enhanced and your emphasis and motivation for the gym will be shit for longer til you return to a healthy hormone profile

and thats good with the var to cut up your gains towards the end I thought you were taking it from the beginning

Ok, Thanks for the info.

I’ve decided to cut short my cycle to 13 weeks as i was not aware of the longer ester attached with Sust. I will carry on taking the Var for a couple weeks and then begin my PCT accordingly.

Hopefully my recovery will be a positive one!

good choice bro

ya thats why i personally dont mess with sust