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What type of gains can i expect from an 8 week cycle of sus 250, taking 1000 a week. i lift 6 days a week. what will the chromid do for me while taking the sus I have not heard of this. Thanks for all the great info guys.

At that dosage, starting under your natural limit (since you have been natural up till now) and with using Clomid after the cycle (possibly during as well to protect against gyno) you should definitely be able to achieve at least 20 lb of retained gains, still there a month after you’ve stopped using the steroids (and lasting past that, too.) 25 would often be possible.

Clomid is an antiestrogen useful for avoiding gyno while using steroids (like testosterone) which convert to estrogen, and also useful after a cycle to make the body think that estrogen levels are low and therefore it needs to make more steroids, both testosterone and estrogen. 50 mg/day is a good dose for most individuals.

You’d want to take at the very least 1.5,
preferably 2 or 2.5 grams pf protein per
lb per day while on the cycle. Cheating
yourself of protein while on the juice is
a sure way to reduce results rather badly.