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I have just started my first cycle of sus 250 i am taking 1000(4amps) every week for approx. 6 weeks is this too much or not enough. I am 190 lbs. about 15% body fat i want to be 210 8% or under i also take creatine, md6, vitamins, and andro poppers I eat good, and take in about 180g of protein a day. Thank you for your help.

Firstly, you should be taking in more protein than that even if you weren’t on a cycle. Now that you are, you need much more. I think 2g for lbs bodyweight? Plus you didn’t mention taking clomid, you should take one tab every other day and then every day for about two to three weeks post cycle. If I gave any incorrect info, please correct me.

I agree Jagin. You ought to take in at least 2g of protein (try 3g) per lb. You better eating a ton of food. Save your money and don’t use creatine, md6, and the andro poppers.

more protien and get rid of the MD6

Andro Poppers are a TOTAL waste of time and
money for you if you’re doing a gram per
week. Why not extend this to 10 weeks?
Where did you come up with 6 weeks?

I hope you are using one (or more) of the folling or else you're fucked for sure:

1) CLOMID!!!

2) Arimidex

3) HCG

4) Nolvadex

A gram is a perfectly acceptable dose for
a cycle.