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Sustanon 250 vs Test Cyp

I’m currently running test cyp thinking about witching to sustanon 250. Any body on sus 250 if so how does it compare to cyp or enanthate

Don’t waste your money. Longer esters like C and E are great, and helps stabilize blood levels.

Sustanon has no advantages over E or C. No reason to switch. Or to ever use sust, frankly.

I heard the opposite from test doc that sust is better be cause the diff esters and the short end and long acting helps stabilize blood levels.

Give some thought into if that actually makes any sense, and you’ll find that it doesn’t.

If you pin it eod then sure, it’s more stable. But that holds true of every ester (with the exception of acetate).

I like it more for TRT, but in means of strength and gym performance enanthate was much better in my experience

How so…?

For which of both?

Why did you come to the conclusion that enanthate is better for strength and gym performance when all 3 are just testosterone with different esters attached?

Because this was my experience with it on TRt, the difference in strength was huge and even when my levels on enanthate were lower.

Also I know guys who have done same cycles on both enanthate and sustanon and they report the same.

For example one guy I talked to recently said on a first cycle with sustanon 500mg he put on 4-5kg, with enanthate different cycle - 9.

Why is so I cannot say and of course the science cannot say, but I have a theory about it

In my mind changing enanthate to sustanon for bodybuilding purposes is more than couterproductive