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Sustanon 250 Use By Date

Have some Sustanon 250 which i just realised had passed it’s used by date, I was wondering if anyone knew if this really matters.

Or what happens to the test when it passes its use by date, does it break down? etc…


Is it just passed or years past? How was it stored?
I wouldnt hesitate to use it if it was just passed and stored in cool place out of direct sunlight. And has not been exposed to extreme heat or cold.

Has not been in sun, and would be approximately 6 months past use by date. Does anyone know wat actually happens to the test, when it reaches its use by date, does it break down etc???

Steroids, including testosterone, are fairly stable compounds. And you’re not too far past the expiration date. I would use it.

I might add also that the old Sust redi-jects didn’t include an expiration and were rumored to be effective for 7 to 10 years if stored properly.