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Sustanon-250 Stacked

Hey guys, I’ve got sus depot, 10-mg winny, 10-mg var, 10-mg d-bol, & 50-mg Anabol.
Also I’ve got hcg, clomid & nolva for my pct. Any ideas how to assemble the pieces of this puzzle?

Thx a lot in advance

Need more info first. Age, weight, height, bf, lifting experience, cycle experience, goals, etc.

What are your goals?

Yeah by the way I only went through some naïve dbol only cycle.

Well, thanks the responses.
Age: 38
W: 195
H: 5"8’
Lifting since 2007
BP flat: 235
Squat: 235
DL: 260
My goal is, primarily, is cutting yet I won’t mind a great physic.

195 at 5’8" is pretty stout unless your composition is shit. Based on your lifts, I’m guessing it is? If so, you don’t need to cycle. Focus on cutting first. If you’re going to do it anyway, I would stick with a simple test/var cycle. You certainly don’t need the big wet compounds and winny is a little on the harsh side.

Excuse me for measuring since we use metric system other the one that’s used in the ststes, so absolutely not “stout” I’m 177 cm and 81 kg

For the love of god don’t cycle anything yet. With your compound lifts where they are currently, you have SO much room to improve those before adding AAS into the mix. You could literally get your bench to 315, squat to 405, and deadlift to 500, naturally, before adding any compounds. And those figures are on the light side of things.

Are you 195lbs or 178lbs? You stated 195lbs and then restate 81kg which is 178lbs. For reference, I’m 200lbs at 5’7" in my avatar. This is about as heavy as I can go without getting to ‘fluffy’. I consider that fairly stout for a casual lifter. Were your lifts in kg too then? If they are … impressive… if that’s lbs then not so much. Not that it matters… you are gonna do what you are gonna do. If you choose AAS the test and anavar is the best combo for leaner gains.

If your lifts are in kg, then you are probably pretty ready. If in pounds, I think a cycle would be a waste.

Setting lift numbers is a bit silly as not everybody is the same, but I will say the probability of you being maxed out of natural gains is probably really low.

The issue is you know how to get and maintain 235, 235, 260 for your lifts. You don’t have the experience to keep the gains you will put on.

If your lifts are in kg, disregard previous statements.