Sustanon 250 or Test E?

I am looking to do my 2nd cycle. My first cycle was Sustanon 250 at 500mg/week for 12 weeks. Pinned twice a week Monday/Thursday. I had excellent strength gains and decent lean mass gains. I am debating on whether I should do Sustanon 250 again at 500mg/week or try test E 600mg/week. Either cycle would be for 12 weeks. Any suggestions or input would be helpful.

Sus is a mix of esters so in some regard it may kick in a little faster but it also makes E2 management tougher. I prefer sticking with the long or short esters and abstaining from the blends / mixes. Everything is more predictable. Regarding a second cycle you are splitting hairs either way. Since you didn’t have any issues the first time, no reason to reinvent the wheel IMO.

Thank you very much that is kind of what I assumed but wanted some input.