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Sustanon 250 or Similar


i picked up gear a couple weeks ago. The closest thing i can compare it to is sustanon. It is called Uni Supertest 400 from mexico. It is a test blend with the same 4 esters as sustanon. The bottle is 10 ml at 400mg/ml. I was told much conflicting info so some clarity would be appreciated.

First ill start with:
Height: 6ft
Years lifting: 4
Bench 1rm:285
Squat 1rm:405
Deadlift 1rm: 485

This will be my first cycle. My source told me to take 1/4 cc (OR 100MG) once a week but after reading many cycles that sounds very low. He also told me for my first cycle dont worry about PCT. From research it seems that 400 split into 2x a week so 1/2 cc twice a week would yield good results. I am in a football league and want to become as powerful as possible. We start our inter mural training early august so i would like to start tapering into that time. so far i have been on two weeks and shot 1/2 cc the first week and 3/4 cc the second week. thanks for your input!


Dont taper into a cycle… either start at the full dose or above the full dose.

Dont listen to this source, generally speaking sources are not the places to alse illicit information - unless they specifically offer advice as a service (only ever met one that does this).

If it has the same esters as Sust, it will need to be injected at least every other day or daily.


My guess is the test is Omnadren. It’s basically the same as sust except for the longest ester.

Couple things… I would say you’re a little young to be starting gear. If you must though, the short ester in the test blend requires more frequent injections than 2x/wk. The more frequent injections will give you more stable blood levels which will minimize side effects. Theres a reason for everything! In the past I did Sust @ 3 injections/wk giving me 750mg/wk (mine was 250mg/ml though) and I had 0 trouble with side effects.



Nope. Omna is 250mg/ml, not 400mg/ml. Also Omnadren comes in 1ml Amps, not 10ml Vials.


thanks alot guys. i appreciate the input.