Sustanon 250 Opinions?

[quote]rainjack wrote:
InTheZone wrote:
Nice local. Did you happen to catch Sammy and the Waboritas in town?
Also, did you happen to notice a club BBG biker club at the outskirts of town on the other end?

Just curious if my boys club is still up and running these days.

Didn’t notice the biker bar. Our resort was in San Jose Del Cabo, and we took a cab into San Lucas to eat, and just wander around the marina.

I fell in love with the place. I actually picked up a couple of real estate magazines and priced some homes in the San Jose area.

But no - no Sammy. We were there around lunch, and they said he usually doesn’t show up until well into the night. They had a pretty decent cover band, though.

Ok, yeah I remember San Jose del Cabo being much more of a family type oriented place as opposed to staying in town down there. I thought you meant you were staying right across the street from Cabo Wabo in town.

The biker bar used to be, and I think still is, right there as you come in from SJdelCabo. Right next to the gas station there as you come in to town.

Great fun. I was there back in the single days with some buddies and we ended up befriending Buck Baker who was like the local Lorenzo Lamas down there with all that would go with that if you can imagine. He’s the guy who owns the club.

Talk about a fucking screenplay. We did some really crazy shit, and ended up having the commandante no less telling us on one occasion something to the effect of, “Oh if I knew it was for you guys, I would have told so and so to put more in the bindle”. Lol.

This was after he walked up on us at a table in the early evening, right after we had sent out a local to go “get some”, and he walks up to our table and drops a 25 lb badge on the table and proceeds to ask us in spanish, “do you know who I am?”

We were about to shit a brick, then he found out who we were friends with, and came back with the aforementioned quote about the bindle loading lol.

Great times.

Glad you had a good time too and experienced the place.

First time, or been there before?