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Sustanon 250 Only Cycle?


Hey Guys. Wanted to post and get your thoughts on my first cycle. I'm 27, about 5'10" 195lbs and about 15% or less bodyfat (not exactly sure). Training for 7 years consistently, 4 days a week.

Here's my cycle:

10 weeks Sustanon 250mg
90mg EOD or possibly doing 350mg at one shot EW.

Arimadex .5mg EOD throughout cycle and then Nolvadex 20mg every day 1 week after the cycle for 3 weeks.

Any thoughts and feedback I would greatly appreciate.


Looks good. I would suggest 400-500mg per week, but if you want to do something more mild like 350/wk then that is your choice. You will still see some improved results. The Adex looks good. I would suggest the Nolva be 30/20/10mg per day for weeks 2/3/4 after cycle. You would be better off with the EOD injections with the shorter esters in sust.


Sus need an EOD injection plan perhaps three times per week but definitely not 1 or 2. Half the Test is used up in three days


I think I'll jump it up to 100mg every other day which should amount to 400mg/wk. Still a little nervous about doing 500mg right away. Maybe save it for the next cycle.

Thanks guys


100 mg EOD will only work out to about 350mg per week.
You should at 140 mg EOD which will give you close to the 500 mg per week.
See Ya