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Sustanon 250 Monocycle


Hi, this is my profile

Age:26 years old
Education: Have read alot about hormones
Background: This would be my first cycle
Goal: Bulk up
I am on diet right now, 152lbs, 16%body fat
5'7 height endo test on 536ng/dl, E2 on 38 :S apparently i have always been a mild testosterone guy.
Cycle time: 12weeks

I want to do a Sustanon 250 monocycle. This would be my first cycle, without counting dianabol intake around age 19.

Why sustanon 250? Where i live is the most easy juice to find.

The provider of the juice said to cycle something like this

1st week / 1 shot 250 / 0.3 ml anastrozole EOD
2nd week / 1 shot 250 / 0.3 ml anastrozole EOD
3rd week / 1 shot 250 / 0.3 ml anastrozole EOD
10 days off (taking liquid anastrozole EOD for 1ml a week)
4th week / 1 shot 250 / 0.3 ml anastrozole EOD
5ft same
6th same
10 days off (taking liquid anastrozole EOD for 1ml a week)

until i complete 12 weeks ON

Then continue taking anastrozole for 3 weeks, or stop anastrozole and take clomid.


I have read here alot, and the first error of this cycle is that i have to take EOD SUST instead of 1 shot a week.

THIS IS THE MAIN QUESTION:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
How do i reconstitute the amps of 1ml, in 3 shots of 0.3ml for EOD dosages?

The same way you reconstitute HCG 2000UI ???? (BACTERIOSTATIC WATER, STERILIZED GLASS ETC)???

Please excuse me if i Sound like a newbie, i have tried to read alot here, i have learnt alot, and i even have bought a book that one guy here told me to buy (testosterone syndrome).

Any sugestions?


Hi, at 152lbs and 15% body fat many round here will say that your not ready to be using AAS.
Have you read the steroid newbie thread and the serm and AI sticky?
I would not expect too much to happen on 1 shot of sust 250 per week, that cycle does not look ideal. Just out of curiosity why the 10 day break at week 3?

what does your diet look like? If you cannot gain weight without AAS you wont gain properly with it, if your 26 and did dianabol at 19 I'm guessing you've been training for around 7 years?
What does your diet and training look like?


I eat 5 times a day
1 breakfast 3 eggs or tuna
2 protein shake
3 lunch brocoli and 0.5 lbs of fish/red meat/chicken
4 protein shake
5 dinner most of the time alot of vegetables and 0.5 lbs meat/tuna

I have 8 years of training. I train mostly on GVT (German Volume Training) i think i train hard.
My guess is that i havent been able to gain muscle mass because i have very little endogenous testosterone (have almost none body/facial hair).
When i started the gym i had 105lbs and i had like 10% bodyfat.
had to leave gym in last october because i had surgery in an eye, then started back up on january this year

My guess is that I do need to do this.

Main reason for 10days off...he said it is 4 minicycles of 3 weeks, with 10 days rest between each. Reason, he said to not damage the receptors.


You won't "damage the receptors". Don't rely on your source for cycle advice. That whole layout doesn't make much sense to me.

Are you seriously considering "reconstituting" your Sustanon in some bacteriostatic water? Seriously? Do you even know what "reconstitute" means?

It also looks like you are considering maybe using an AI for PCT instead of a SERM? Why?

That's just the tip of the iceberg... You may think you have, but it's obvious you actually have not done adequate research.


Forget that. I dont know what reconstitute means (i speak other language) but i saw in this page how to reconstitute hcg.

Sustanon is an oil i supose so, bacteriostatic water doesnt apply here. My error.

1st. Can i do a sustanon only cycle without problems? or do i always have to get deca or dbol for sustanon?
2nd. Now i see, i should use an AI during the 12 weeks, then SERM for PCT.

3RD. AND MAIN QUESTION. IF sustanon comes in 1ml amps, how can i use it 0.3ml EOD? How do you do that? In this country EVERYONE uses sustanon with 1 shot weekly, but i read alot on this page and i know this is not the way. How you do that? Help on this one.
4th. Someone can put how a sustanon monocycle for 12 weeks should look like?


You draw out 1ml into a barrel with a replaceable needle. Inject 1/3 ml. Take the needle off. Leave the barrel sitting there in a safe place with a clean needle attached. Inject 1/3ml the next time. Repeat one more time.


  1. Sustanon-only is fine.
  2. Yes.
  3. BONEZ covered this.
  4. Just run it 8-12 weeks straight. You should also bump up the dose.


You wanna eat more protein food than you have there listed.

200gram plus per day to make good gains at your weight MINIMUM.

Do you not eat any carbs??? You know you cant grow without them right...

Man no offence but your diet is HORRIBLE to gain muscle and if you dont change it you may as well throw your sust in the bin!!

Research nutrition fist of all.

What is german volume training?


Ok so cycle should look like this:

week 1-12 / Sustanon 0.3ml EOD
week 1-12 / Anastrozole 0.3ml(0.3mg) EOD
week 1-12 / HCG 250iu EOD
week 12-14 / Nolvadex 40mg ED or EOD

Thats it?
Keep it simple right?


please read John Beradis nutrition articles.
I would use 250mg sust eod, this is 1ml of sust 250. I would also use (not optional) 0.5mg adex every other day with the sust for a 10 week cycle,then wait 10 days and use 50mg clomid every day for 30 days of PCT. I wouldn't use less than 0.5ml of sust 250 every other day, but thats just me.
Good luck


I'm on Paleo Diet right now, because i'm skinny but I still have a LOT of lower back and abdominal fat, I have a liittle gyno and i'm trying to get rid of it.

1ml Sustanon wouldn't be too much for a begginer?
Everyone in my country uses 250 one shot weekly.
I'm trying to do 250 weekly but divided EOD.

Someone check the cycle please

week 1-12 / Sustanon 0.3ml EOD
week 1-12 / Anastrozole 0.3ml(0.3mg) EOD
week 1-12 / HCG 250iu EOD
week 12-14 / Nolvadex 40mg ED or EOD

or as buddaboy said, up the sus to 0.5ml EOD. The anastrozole? the HCG? The nolvadex on pct? all SET??????


I actually just read the OP for the first time.

Your dealer is a retart.

5 7 150 skinny fat is no condition for steroids.

People are too damned lazy these days.


You have to wait for your levels to drop down before you start PCT. You can'd inject for 12 weeks and then go straight into PCT.

I've never seen anyone dose their SERM EOD, either. Just do the standard 40/40/20/20.

If your goal is to "bulk up", then wait until you're done cutting before you start your cycle. Trying to build mass on a carbohydrate restricted diet most likely won't go too well.




i got another dealer, he said the sust he gets is a syringe precharged with sustanon, not 1ml amps like i tought, thats difficult to fix to EOD, unless i can use the precharged syringe again? I dont want to do this without enough information.


Buy your own syringes with detachable needles. Take the sust you have (sounds like mexican stuff) and squirt it into the open end of the barrel, remove the plunger. Now you have oil in a regular syringe that you can replace the needles for.


And your going on a test cycle?

Can I read right or did I miss something?

Tell me your joking right??



Ok. the other dealer explained to me, that Poliquin says, if you are on a cycle, you have to be ON for 21 days, then 10 days off, 21 more days ON then 10 days off untill you complete 12 weeks ON, after 21 days the receptors and hpta start to degrade, so is better to do Minicycles. Thats from poliquin.


I havent read any of poliquin's stuff yet but now youve reminded me to do so...I completely forgot I want to see what all the hype is about.

But...you CANT do that with sust...on 'what you think is off' you are still on...

Sust lasts in your body for 3 weeks...how will you then be off for 10 days then???

You wont you will still be on and fully suppressed so you will have 'NO downtime'...

You will basically doing an 18 weeks cycle.

10 days-on
10 days-on
10 days-on
14 days-still on waiting for sust to clear out of the system

12 weeks on + 44 days on
= 18.2 weeks on total.

And you have no nolva? after that long on your testicles will probably be like rasins, how do you think your going to start them working?

You need Test Prop/Ace and only test prop/Ace will let you do it the way you are talking about.

And I believe 2 weeks on on 2 off is safer in this respect.

not 3 weeks on 10 days off.

As for receptor downgrading...man do some research cause as far as Im aware there is well NO proof/evidence to support these old theories. It is a myth at best.

Your dealer is a complete idiot. You cant listen to anyones advice, they are not medical advisors.

But go F*^% yourself up who cares?

Hes not gonna pay your medical bills and it doesnt look like you want to listen to us anyway so why ask?

Or choose to do a lot more research and understand what you are using and what it will do to your body cause you clearly dont even know how sustanon works...


Hey no need to diss. Calm ppl. Clearly if I come here to ask is because I believe more on Tmuscle than on my dealer. Its pure logic that if I only believed on my dealer I wouldnt be asking here for ANY advise.

I just mentioned it because I want to know what you know about it, cause in my country poliquin is the big thing. Thanks for your advise anyways.