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Sustanon 250: How Much and How Often?

Hi guys,

I’m about to start my first ever cycle and have a few questions-

Age- 30
Weight- 70kgs
Hight- 176cm

retired pro fighter, focusing on weightlifting now.
Been lifting weights for over 10 years.

My diet is good, I’m pretty good at sticking to a meal plan.

Few guys at my gym have been using sustanon 250 (sold as testomix 2500) with great results. I’ve been considering doing a cycle for years and now that I’ve stopped fighting and I’ve just turned 30 my reasons not too are starting to run out.

below is my proposed cycle

Weeks 1-10
• 2.5mL Sustanon per week
• 0.5mg Arimidex - Taken EOD (or every day if symptoms of Gyno appear)

Week 11-12
• Nothing

Week 13-14
• 40mg nolvadex Every day

Week 15-16
• 20mg nolvadex Every Day

this look good to everyone?

I know my dosage isn’t super high but its only my first cycle and won’t be my last so id like to take it slow/easy this first cycle. I’ve always been a pretty skinny guy too so i don’t really want to pack on a mysterious amount of muscle in a 10 week cycle.
That being said, I could be talked in to going up to 4mL per week (two 2mL shots a week) only because the more I read the more I see people say -‘don’t waste your time with 2mL- 5mL minimum. Granted most of these guys are bodybuilders trying to get as big as humanly possible.

my main question are;
2.5 per week or 4?
should I do the whole 2.5ml in one shot or two 1.25mL shots?
I’ve seen a lot of debate on this topic. (i have my wife to inject in to my glute for me)

Are there any other wired side effects to keep an eye out for?

How long will the injection site hurt for?

I’ve heard people run the vial under warm water make the injection easier.
I’ve bought a box of 18ml drawing needles, box of 1.5inch 25g injection needles, and 3ml syringes.

I’ve also heard of a recent trend that guys shoot sus250 using insulin needles. Any advice on this?

Also, what are some good supps to use immediately coming off cycle? Waiting 2 weeks before starting pct is fine but I’d also like to take something straight away to try and kick start natural production and not hit a depressing lull.

Next cycle, depending how this one goes, I’ll probably do 500mg of test e per week, 10 weeks.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much

Just get test e or c instead of screwing around with sustanon. For your first cycle you want to be able to control all the variables, and with sust it’s a little trickier because of the staggered breakdown of each individual ester. You won’t find a lot of guys on here who would pick sust over test e or c around here.


Agreed 100%

sustanon is garbage. run a straight ester or use prop and cyp/enanth


Yeah, I would have definitely preferred the test e. That’s what I thought I was getting too.
It wasn’t until my friend sold it to me that I’d realised I gotten sustanon. If I hadn’t already paid for it I’d get the test e.
Planning on just using this so I haven’t wasted my money and to get used to the whole pinning/cycle experience.

100% getting test e for my next cycle.

Any issues with my cycle other than that??

Americans dont know but sustanon is thr most popular outsode of the USA. Cycle looks standard, and ive done it with good result ehile shooting every third day so day 1 then 2/3 nothing then day 4 shoot again. People are going to say buttt the propionate half life, and they are right but prop accounts for only 13% of the test. Phelyl is like 3 day halflife and the remaining loger halflife esters make up like 65% if the t so i dont get the hate. Granted i like prop the best😅
2.5ml a week equates to around 625mg, i just took 1ml every third day like i said, and that also gives and avetage 625/week.
4ml a week is crazy forget that.
Dont wait for symptoms, start adex from the beggining,

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Very helpful mate. 1mL every 3rd day sounds good, I’ll do that.
And thanks for the adex advice, I’ve seen people say wait for symptoms to arise but that seems a bit reactive rather than proactive.

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If you are gong to start an AI from the beginning, which I would not, use aromasin. Adex is only a suppressor, aromasin is a suicidal inhibitor (no rebound) and adex is not lipid panel friendly.

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Cheers mate- will look in to this

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OP @gremmie58 how did you go with all of this? I find Arimedex a safer bet purely because of the fact it ‘rebounds’. Main concern with Aroma (don’t get me wrong I love the stuff and has been my go to since I found it many years ago on higher dose T Stack cycles - however…) is once you crash your oestrogen (Estradiol E2) it can take a minimum of 2 weeks and ‘hell’ to get it back to where it should be because crashing E2 can be much harder to regain than what it can be to lower higher levels. I also find that Adex works much quicker to where as the first week of Aroma seems to take me a full week or so to start to feel my best with it. My experience and advice is for those unsure always go for Adex first as it is easier to control and see how you go on that at first then, use Aroma later when you know how you respond to Adex; if it is too weak you can increase the dose:frequency of it and too much is very easily adjusted. Ive just crashed my E2 recently (this week) <25 with Adex and Lower Test Cycle so I am now just waiting an extra day and a half, or so, with no adex to have the E2 come back up within range… then viola. If this was Aroma and you catch it early then to the same effect all you need to do is miss a day and your fine otherwise if it’s been low for a little longer period of time it can take at least 2 weeks minimum to see a come back. Crash oestrogen and you crash your wellbeing, training and everything else associated with T and E levels. Also L oestrogen has a higher mortality rate than the higher E2 ranges in healthy males. And believe me I used to struggle with high E2 and used to always panic and crash my E2 with a worse result (many times over many years).

Happy training and Feel Good!