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Sustanon 250 First Cycle


I'm gonna run my first cycle, I wanna keep it simple, without adding dbol, or deca, I want to see how my body evolves and reacts with just test, even though many places suggest The stack I mentioned above for beginners.

It's going to be a 10 week long cycle:

1-10 Sustanon 250mg twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays.
3-10 HCG 250iu every 4 days

PCT would start 2 weeks after last T shot and HCG.
I'm planning to take Tamoxifen 4 weeks, however,I'm not sure about the dosage, I was planning on 40mg daily for the first PCT week, and the last 3 weeks only 20mg per day.

I've also read that Arimidex/Letro,or even Tamoxifen should be used if any sides appear during cycle, but I have not found yet how should the dosage be, if that's the case, and if I use Tamoxifen to attack the sides, should I change the PCT drug?




get some adex and take that at .5mg eod starting your first week.

Other than that it looks fine. Nolva is fine for PCT - I'd just do the classic 40/40/20/20.

I'm serious about the adex. Lots of idiots don't control their E on cycle and it's a very stupid thing to do.


You're smart for sticking with just the test. Deca can cause prolactin issues which you don't have the drugs or knowledge to contend with. Save the deca for your second or third cycle. I firmly believe in using the least amount of gear to make the best gains. Sustanon contains test prop which has a relatively short half-life and should be injected eod to maintain stable blood levels. Have you considered test enanthate or cypionate?

Nolva for pct: 40/40/20/20

hcg looks good.

You should really look into an AI to help control your estrogen levels. Considering this is your first cycle, you will not know how your body handles the added androgens. A good base dose for arimidex (anastrozole) is .5mg/eod, you can adjust it from there to more suit your needs. Aromasin (exemestane) is another great choice, a good base dose for this drug would be 12.5mg/eod. Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) can be used in a pinch if gynecomastia presents itself but prevention is the name of the game here. Nolva prevents the estrogen from binding to the receptor, which prevents gyno Adex and aromasin will lower estrogen and keep steady levels for an all around better control of the cycle.


Thanks guys, I've been reading further, and yes,I'm going to use the 40/40/20/20 schedule for PCT Nolva.

About the HCG, someone suggested to start 14 days after first AAS shot, because supposedly it's better not letting the HPTA to be shut down for much time, so, I'll maybe start on week 2.

I'll go with arimidex, since Aromasin is out of stock for some unknown reason in all the nearby pharmacies. I was planning on .25mgED, but .5mgEOD sounds good too.

I chose Sustanon because of the short esters, because it can somehow give me the kickstart I won't get from Dbol, or any other recommended oral. About the stability on blood levels there's so much debate about sides, and how for some is better twice a week, once a week, eod, e3d, etc.
So I guess I'll start with inyecting on Mondays and Thursdays, if any sides Appear, I'll flip to eod.

Thanks again.


You are getting bad advice from others in this thread and need to read this:

This is a problem: 40/40/20/20 schedule for PCT Nolva


What I understand from that thread is that i should do a 20/20/20/20 of Nolva, immediately after my last hcg shot? I say, my last shot would be on week 10, then PCT should start on week 11?


You should support your testes from day one with hCG or LH from low dose SERM so you do not need to get a functional restart. Then PCT is all about washing out T and estrogens, then tapering off if the SERM with anastrozole controlling E2 to prevent estrogen rebound from shutting you down.

Q: What I understand from that thread is that i should do a 20/20/20/20 of Nolva, immediately after my last hcg shot? I say, my last shot would be on week 10, then PCT should start on week 11?
A: yes, SERM can start next day after last hCG injection. Remember that this PCT is not restarting your testes, they never shut down. Note that I suggest that SERM be tapered to half doses then EOD, E3D etc. Don't forget the low dose anastrozole at this point.

I get on about these things because I deal with guys who have failed hormone systems, some from doing gear. There is a HPTA restart thread in the TRT forum to deal with cycle+pct failures.


It's easier for me to get HCG than SERM, but If I start HCG from day one at 250iu E4D, am I still avoiding permanent hypogonadism because of testes desensitification?

My schedule would be:

1-10 Sustanon250 twice/week
1-10 HCG 250iu E4D
2-10 Anastrozole .5mg EOD
11-13 Anastrozole .25mg EOD
11-13 Tamoxifen 20mg ED

And from week 14, stop with anastrozole, and start with 10mg tamoxifen one week, and then EOD, E3D, meaning that my complete cycle including PCT would last about 16 weeks?


On a final note, as a last decision, I followed steadygains about checking out Test-E, and I did my research, and I chose to do my cycle with that, even with this change, everything else stays the same, right?


You should cruise for a while on 0.5mg anastrozole per week in EOD dosing after PCT. Liquid product allows for better dose increments.

A replacement dose for LH is 250iu hCG EOD.

E4D does not work with hCG half life.


Isn't that way too risky for desensitization?
1000iu per week?

If the half life of HCG is not suitable for E4D, the wouldn't it be less risky to get 100iu EOD?


I'm curious aswell KSman. The highest dosing I've heard for hcg on cycle is 500iu/week split into two injections. I've also heard of blasting a large amount for one week at the tail end of a cycle to jump start the hpta system right before pct. I've also seen many say they don't introduce hcg on a cycle until they are shut down from whatever AAS they are taking. Are these ineffective methods for a proper pct and successful recovery?


I'd like to know more about that HCG usage suggestion.


250iu 2-3 times per week is fairly standard.

I think desensitization is more of a concern when using larger doses at a time rather than the total per week. I.e blasting 1000iu EOD for 10 days etc.

You could do either 250iu 2xWeek, which is what i have always done, or 250iu EOD which might make more sense from a scientific standpoint. Either way it will work well.

Also run your Arimidex from day 1.


Pex86, do you start hcg the first week of a cycle? 250iu twice per week would come out to 500iu per week but 250iu eod would come out to 875iu per week. Are you suggesting 875iu/week for the whole cycle? That seems like a lot of hcg for a long-estered cycle. At what point does desensitization occur? Will too much hcg cause your body to send mix signals?