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Sustanon 250 First Cycle?


Ive never done a cycle and would appeciate any advice on this...
I am 31yrs old. 5' 8'', 175lbs and been lifting steady for 6+ yrs. I dont know my body fat% but im pretty lean so i know its not very high.
I usually lift 4 days a week and i also train 5-6 days a week mma.
My goals are to gain some more lean muscle and basically just get ''bigger, stronger, faster''.

I am planning to inject sust250 twice a week (500mg a week total) for 8-10 weeks

Also plan on using nolva for PCT

From what i understand so far, a beginners first cycle of sust or test-e by themselves is a good way to start? Relatively safe and easy?


well nobody replied so i went and talked to some other guys and i ended up starting the cycle. I just started week 5 and so far its great! Ive gained about 15 lbs and im looking good! Not sure if the weight is from the gear or the massive amount of food ive been eating but either way its going good so far. My lifts have all improved and i feel like a hog in the gym. Great workouts! Energy level is insane! And im just killing everyone when i train MMA/Jiu Jitsu!

I did feel a little funky for like 5-7 days in week 2 and i guess thats the "sustanon flu" or "test sickness" or whatever you wanna call it but its gone now and i feel great...I am a little puffed up so i guess thats water retention but i can deal with it...No other side effects!

I also got some L-dex online which i guess is liquid adex but im not sure if id trust it...sounds a little suspect. It looks and tastes like mint listerine mouthwash so im thinking i will probably not be using it.

A lot of stuff i read said to pin this stuff every other day so i might start doing that but either way its 500mgs a week.


Wow I can't believe you started your cycle with very little knowledge on the matter at all!


Why didn't you take Adex from the start?
Did you consider HCG?
Do you have a proper plan for your PCT other than 'gonna take nolva'?
Do you know when to start your PCT?
Did you adjust your diet accordingly?

I'm still researching for my first cycle so everyone else will probably have a lot more to add considering I'm just a beginner.


Joey, Test/Sust first time is a good starter. See how you react etc. Not surprised on quick gains but make sure your diet is low fats as you dont want to be getting a moon face from water and fat.

If your running Test, espcially Sust you want to run for min 10 weeks. It takes around 5-6 weeks (depending on person) to really work. You will likely get quick gains too, from faster acting compounds (Sust is 4 different test's mixed in) but the longer acting take a few weeks. So likely quick response will be a mix of food, placebo and short acting.

But as Aeon says you need to look at PCT. And in case of Gyno which is likely you will need a SERM to take during. If you can get yours hands on it Armidex is good, .5 mg eod during. Then run Clomid and smaller amounts of Nolva in your pCT. If you dont run one during then you will need more Nolva at the start of PCT and taper down. Believe me Gyno is a bitch and once got it cant get rid without surgery.

Oh and no need to pin every other day with Sust. Differnt people different opinions. I would just do twice a week.


Why? Because youre lazy and prefer a less than ideal protocol?

If someone wants to pin twice a week the answer is to just use test e or c


For PCT its Nolva 40/40/20/20 starting 3 weeks after last pin.

And I will most definitely be on for 10 weeks.

And yes im going to use adex or Ldex during cycle.

Thanks for the input!


No. Reason i only pin twice a week is in test comp you have both short and long esters. There is no need to pin every other day as the longer and mid acting esters are still active. You really are only resupplying the shorter acting ones. The longer the half life the longer in your system, and as it has 4 different types of test it varries. Test Prop is around 2 days. isocaproate is 9 days. decanoate is up to 15 days. Doing that every other day means your body may waste what it cant process. Its up to you but its needless and means you go through more jabs and needles......unless you are into that whole thing.......and arent getting the best from it. My 2 cents anyway!



Everyone thanks you for that pearl of wisdom you so generously bestowed upon us.

You have one cycle's worth of experience under your belt. It's worth mentioning that whenever you give out 'information'


The EOD injecting with Sustanon is to keep blood levels stable, because of the shorter esters. Friend of mine had to same ideas you have and he ended up with some good looking back acne (due to hormonal imbalans and unstable blood levels).

Have you ever thought about WHY they inject a long ester like E twice a week? It should last 10-14 days, but it has been proven that blood levels start to drop after 4-5 days, so to keep it all stable you inject every 3-4 days.

Same shit with sustanon and it's mix of short and long esters.


why would that cause bacne? acne is caused by oily skin which comes from the increased test level. what do fluctations have to do with it? not being a prick, srs question


Not necessarily.

No one knows what causes acne. Different people get acne for different reasons. Different kinds of acne as well.

Many people report worse acne during PCT than during a cycle. Could be from the SERM itself, from the CHANGE in hormone levels, the shift towards an estrogen dominant environment.

My skin actually gets clearer on cycle when I dose an AI properly. If I dont use an AI it takes a lot of test for my to get gyno, but not a lot of test to get acne. For ME keeping estrogen in the normal range keeps my skin clearer.

It is entirely reasonable to believe that some people will get some form of acne from rises and falls in testosterone levels.

Also pimples =/= acne. Pimples may be a result of acne, but they arent the same thing.


ah, i agree. i lumped together acne and pimples. should know better since i had some bad cysts as a teen


Fair enough. Not being a prick, honest question, how would it keep it stable EOD more than longer spacing as you as jacking up on longer esters? Like i say honest question. I have read about someone trying verious methods (EOD, twice a week and even every 8 days and then hitting it harder on that day ie. doing the weeks supply in a day). He had best results and least sides from the '8 day' trail. Not sure i would do that though as you say wouldnt be good for short esters.


Can you restate this in plain English.


How's this for a good laugh?(or facepalm, depending on how you look at it)

My first cycle was sust250 and deca, all leftovers from freinds' cycles. I did the cycle when I was 23, during prep for a heavyweight MMA fight. Cycle ran 5 weeks during fight prep(stupid timing, I know), and at my peak I was injecting 1000mg Sust and 5-600mg Deca(forget exact dose of deca), once per week. I went from 189 to 209 within that time frame(nice and soft looking), had horrible bacne, and did NO AIs or PCT whatsoever. Gassed hard during the fight and lost the decision. Amazingly enough, I never lost my libido, never got gyno or any other serious sides. It's a miracle I didn't completely jack up my endocrine system.

Don't recall how quickly I lost my gains, I would have to go back and look through my log from back then(still have it-and all subsequent logs for the last 12 years). Prior to that cycle, I was walking around mid 190s, but had been on vacation and lost weight due to not training and eating normal. Like I said, I would have to look up how quicly I lost and what weight I ended up at.

Ah, youth. Good times. And the funny thing is, I felt like I had done tons of research.

Stay thirsty my friends...


A question of practical nature. If one has 1ml sust amps dosed at 250mg/ml, how would one pin EOD? Say "just f**k it" and pin an amp EOD? How would one proceed if one were to take say 500mg/week? draw it and keep a loaded syringe?


I just pre-loaded all mine ahead of time so they were ready to go. My stuff came in 10 ml bottles so im not familiar with these ampules. If you had amps then I suppose you would Split each 'amp' in two syringes so its 125mg in each one and and do these eod. I think it averages out to 475-500 mgs a week. The syringes are cheap as hell so theres no reason why you would ever need to reuse them.


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