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Sustanon 250 Dosage


I was wondring how to work out dosage for sus 250, is one ml 250mg as stated on the box. as on the ampoule it says
testosterone 176mg. So if i wanted to do say around 700mg a week would i take 4ml (being 4 ampoule's??) or 750mg being 3 ampoule's??


yeah there is 250mg in each amp all different esters, meaning they release at different times ans there is lots of theories on dosing schedules based on this , if im u i go M,W,F


You didnt answer his question


There is 176mg of testosterone. The rest is from the ester weight. When people speaking of dosages they are taking into account ester weight. When someone says they are doing 750mg of T per week they mean they are doing 750mg of test ester per week.

Choose what you want.

Inject EOD


Thanks for clearing that up bonez, I think a 1ml EOD will do