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Sustanon 250 Dosage: Is 300mg a Week a Lot?

Is 300 mg a week of sus 250 a lot? I was cruising at 150-200 now I upped it to 300 mg a week

It depends on your goals. It might be a cruise amount if you are a serious competitive bodybuilder. If you want to maximise your chance to stay healthy do the bare minimum for a cruise, get the growth from the blast.
250mg/wk of pharma quality gear is my blast these days. It surprises most people about how much growth you can get out of what many think to be not even enough for a cycle.

You should be monitoring your blood work, preferably under Dr supervision. In my book, any amount of dose that puts you over the normal range is not a cruise.

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I think many use more than this by a lot for cruise. I think some do real TRT at reasonable doses though too. I know individuals that cruise on a gram. Really stupid IMO.

If it is me, I do 200 mg/wk on cruise, and blast higher (currently on 600 mg of Test E). I don’t plan on upping my cruise to more than 200 mg/wk, and once blasting doesn’t result in gains I can keep on 200 mg/wk, I’ll stop blasting. It just doesn’t make sense to me to blast a ton of gear for gains that diminish over a couple months on cruise, and also put your body under strain.