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Sustanon 250 Cycle

I am pondering starting a cycle in a few months, but I am one that is really paranoid. Especially about losing my hair. I like my hair. I have heard that sustanon 250 at 250mg per week and ending the cycle with some clomid (50mg) is very safe and reliable. Supposedly you can get 20-25lbs of muscle in about 4-6 weeks. Any suggestions? Comments? Stupid idea? Good idea? Hairline?

Does hair loss run in your family, or, are you losing your hair? If so, could pose a problem.

I am not losing my hair at all. But my Mother’s fater is almost completley bald. So most likeley I will be too.

Bullshit! To make the gains you want you need to load with 2 grams and then 1 gram a week thereafter. 250 mg a week will not do much and is a waste of time, unless you are an old man with a limp dick. Sacificing muscle for hair is stupid and decadent in my opinion. Take propecia for hair and Arimdex to stop estrogen. If you lose hair and you think you need it back to get quality ass, cough up the bucks for a hair transplant! Sounds like you need to do a lot more reading about roids!

Yeah it is going to take more than 250 mgs a week to put on 20 # in 4 weeks. if you want to go low dosage I would stretch it out for 10-12 weeks. I don’t think you have to go gram amounts however.

There is no way I am going to take 2g, and I probably will not take 1g. I am a first time user and want to just try it and make sure I am safe. And I belevie that 250-500mb is going to be safe.

Bump it up to 500mg per week and do it for 8 weeks. The Sustanon won’t hit you until about the third week so be patient. Eat tons and get lots of rest. Don’t expect much more than 20 lbs. Can’t help you much on the hairloss. I figure using gear will speed up whatever is going to happen in the future.

You might want to think about adding some deca as well. I doubt it will increase any side effect and your gains will probably much more substantial. Be ready for lots of comments on how big your gettingand save some money for new clothes

Sustanon 250 is a great product. I don’t know whether this is your first cycle or not–I need more info. I can’t tell you how much to take since I’m not sure whether or not this is your first cycle, but I can tell you how to prevent the side effects. Use 300 mg of Clomid on day one of the cycle and 100 mg daily during the cycle ending with 50-100 mg for 3-4 weeks afterwords. This cycle will also cause acne. You should use Noxzema Astringent with Salicylic Acid. Put this into a spray bottle and spray it on the areas that you are having problems with. Lastly, to prevent the hair loss, use 1 mg day of Propecia. Good Luck!!

look i dont understand why you insist on sustanon and You guys can correctly if i am wrong, but not ALL steriods convert to DHT, and DHT binding to hair follicle is the predominant factor in baldness right, well take a steroid that converts little, or not at all to DHT (primo, and winny are to of these right?)

If you are affraid of loosing your hair ,keep
the sustanon at 250mg a week but use somthing else with it…winy,anavar…should be easy on the hair,maybe some Eq too…
This is how i would do it :
week 1-8 250mg of Sustanon
week 1-8 400mg of Eq
week 1-6 50mg (oraly ED,if you inject it EOD)

or if you don,t want to use test…

week 1-8 600mg of EQ
week 1-8 Winy as above…
You may or may not gain 20-25lbs on theese cycles but do you know …how much your appearance will change with an extra 15 lbs

Just my 0.2cc…
or you could just read the Steroids for Dummies by Cy…

You need to have Clomid ,Nolva,Propercia (if you go with the test)…Good Luck!

I do plan on taking 250mg and also the clomid. Some people say that you should take it your whole cycle and others say to take it at the end of the cycle and others tell me not to take it at all. Who do I beleive? Also, do I have to keep taking the propecia even after my cycle? Some people say you will see little if any side effects with a 4-6 week cycle of 250mg.

Yes, this would be my first cycle of steroids.