Sustanon 250 - 125mg Per Week, Questions

Hi everyone,

I’ve just been prescribed sustanon 250 at 125mg a week by a private doctor. Apparently I’m in between primary and secondary.

Anyway I have a few questions if any of you can answer.

  1. What’s the most pain free injection site? I done my quad and it absolutely killed for 3 days.

  2. I don’t know if it was placebo or the fast acting ester. I felt like I had a nice positive energy (don’t know how to describe it) about 24 hours after I pinned on Thursday then sort of a little crash on Sunday and today (monday) I’m picking up again. I did move almost a whole house in those two days though (I’ve got 5 kids and a wife and we needed a bigger home) could it just he the physical tiredness of two constant days?

  3. I keep getting insane hunger pains, it feels like I haven’t ate a meal in a week. Is this normal?

  4. My doctor is contacting my own GP to see whether I can get my prescriptions on the NHS. If I can I will have the option of Sustanon, Nebido and Enanthate.

Sustanon was the cheapest so I went with that because this house move has crippled my finances and I just wanted to start feeling normal.

Which would be better in the long run.

  1. Is this TRT going to make me get fat? I eat a fairly healthy diet at the minute but should I modify it to a certain diet?

Thank you all in advance for your help.


Most use the hip/glute and use a 23g, 1inch needle.

That seems more than reasonable.

Not at all unheard of.

Definitely not Nebido. Sustanon is fine if dosed properly. Enanthate might be the best option as it is easier to work with,

Nope, the opposite actually. If eating healthy, there is no need to alter your diet. Strength/resistance training will help maximize the benefits of TRT.

Thank you,

I currently use a 23g needle to inject already, I’ll have a look for some videos on glute injections.

I’m a bit worried about hitting my sciatic nerve.

As for the sust being good that’s fine with me because it’s only £35 for a 12 week supply so if I can get my levels stabilized it will be great. Even better if I can get them on the NHS.

I’ve got bloods a month in on the day of my injection to see my lows.

Thanks again

This is sign TRT is working, the excess hunger will eventually return to normal. Your muscles are growing and your body need nutrients and you might gain water weight as your body adjusts to TRT and is temporary.

The injection site is more superior and lateral, the upper outer quadrant of the hip. Sciatic nerve is not a problem.

Thanks mate, so it sounds like I’m on the right track then which is reassuring.

I think that’s why I am getting a bit tired too, it’s only been 5 days but just now I was half asleep on the sofa.

Had a meal and I’m back up energy wise, however it might also be this house move.

Thanks mate, what would I search for on YouTube hip or glute?

You’re an absolute star mate, thanks very much for the time you guys on here take to help us noobs out.

I appreciate it

I find 29g 1ml 1/2" insulin syringes really good for Enanthate injections. Box of 100 is like $18.00 here in Aus. Sure it takes a few minutes to draw up .5ml but you can’t even feel it in the quad.

I couldn’t even begin to talk myself into using a 23g needle. My doctor used to use these on me when I was on Reandron and it hurt like hell for a week - probably had a lot to do with 4ml getting injected at once.

That will do it. You would want an inch and a half needle for that much, and it is still a lot in one place. Better off to do two mL in each hip.

Do you buy these online or at the chemist?

I buy them online at, although I’ve been in their store. It’s a medical supply shop that sells anything you could want. I prefer the Terumo over the BD UltraFine, they don’t blunt as quickly.

Various sites and gauges I’ve used:

Insulin pins for delts- painless; favorite spot by far

25g ventrogluteal- smooth, relatively pain free, but needs two weeks in between using the site or else it starts to hurt after a while

25g quads- lol fuck you and the horse you rode in on; will never pin quads again; stopped hitting them after four weeks of trt and have never gone back

Insulin pins lats- kind of weird at first but ultimately painless

25g dorsogluteal- need to use a longer needle for this area, but otherwise very easy and provides a lot of real estate to work with

SubQ belly- I have no idea why anyone does this but it seems common enough that it must be ok; for me it always causes irritation

Amazon also has insulin syringe s. That’s where I got mine.


Thanks everyone I appreciate all the help. Glute looks easy enough is it easier on the PIP?