Sustanon 250, 100mg E4D. Advice on AI Needed

I started Sustanon TrT in September of this year without an AI (per doctors recommendation), 100mg E4D. I noticed a great increase in energy and sex drive shortly after each injection for about a month, with intensity reducing quickly as the next injection approached.
Started to notice I’d become more emotional than normal the day before the next injection. Suspected I had high E2. Started Arimidex at .25mgs eod. Bloods were taken the day before an injection a couple of weeks after starting this regimen. (Only about 6 weeks after starting TrT). E2 came back at 54pmol/l. Thought this was too low so stopped AI completely for a couple of weeks. Started to notice similar symptoms again so ordered a Medichecks mini male sex hormone profile test at home kit. Results showed TT at 62nmol, free at 2.5 nmol/l, 17-BETA OESTRADIOL at 225pmol/l, SHBG at 37nmol/l.
So i started arimidex again at .25mg at the time of each injection (E4D). This is my current protocol, but I fear my E2 is still too high.
Should I wait until I can convince my GP to run bloods again, or increase dose to .5mg adex E4D?
Also worth mentioning, I came off an SSRI a couple of weeks ago, and so symptoms may be caused, or exacerbated by withdrawal.


Your TT is just shy of 1800 ng/dL, that’s way too high! Sure you could increase the AI but your FT is still too high, what SSRI did you stop? You need to decrease your dose, I don’t care if it’s Sustanon or not your starting dose is still too high. You need to start out on a total 100mg weekly dose unless you suffer from high SHBG, in that case you will need a little more.

I have no faith in your doctor!

That result was from a Medichecks test at home kit, which I’ve since heard is not very reliable. I will reduce dose anyway.
SSRI was Citalopram @20mg ED. Tapered down (10mg ED, then 5 etc). Now totally off.
Got acne on chest, shoulders and back which I never had before in my life.

Except for the fact you have all the symptoms of high E2, acne is unmistakably high E2.

I’ve read similar things, but I’ve also read the opposite. People saying when their E2 went too low they got acne. From my own experience I believe what you’re saying is correct though. However part of me sees how with reduced E2 you’d have higher free T and so more DHT, so more active sebaceous glands? Or does E2 have the same effect, if not more so?

You can always clear it up by calling your doctor and getting labs done. I’ve never known anyone to argue with labs results. That’s just weird!