Sustanaon/Primo Cycle, AI, and Erect Nipples

I usually start a cycle of 350mg/wk sustanon, and 350mg of primo/wk, with 0.25mg/day of adex to stop gyno. I take this for 5 weeks before, switching over to short esters Test Prop 350mg/week, and 350mg of anavar, for 3weeks then PCT.
This cycle I also tried the Ksman “on cycle with a serm” to keep my hpta from shutting down, 25mg clomid EOD. 44 years old.

When I’m on the Sustanon/Primo my nipples are erect like its cold outside, so I thought just to be safe I would bump up the adex from .25mg ED to.25mg one day then .50mg the next. All it made me feel was lethargic, nipples still erect, so after a week and a half I went back to .25mg/day, lethargy gone in a few days.
Real Primo is supposed to have a low affinity for aromatisation. Masteron is commonly substituted for Primo. Masteron also has a low affinity for aromatisation. I heat tested my raws before brewing, Primo came in 63deg C, a little lower than 65-71 deg C known melting point. Masteron has a 55-58deg C melting point. The Primo I have was brewed to 100mg/ml, and stings when injecting just as its reputed to do. Legit ? Never tried Masteron so I can’t compare. Test Prop also stings when injecting but has a much higher melting point than primo, so its not Prop.

When I switch over to Prop/anavar after a week I notice a lessening of erectness in the nipples, until normal.

I have no lumps directly under the nipples, don’t have any itchiness on cycle. I am carrying too much fat around 22%, which would make me more prone to aromatisation. Too much fat to see any early development of gyno. Shirt off I look like a muscular guy with too much fat doing a perma bulk, but I don’t look like I have bitch tits.

General palpation of the nipple areas seems okay, not lumpy or sore,but I have noticed some lumpiness deep down in the fat around the outside and underneath of my lower chest, especially on the left side.

Sorry about the long preamble, I guess I’d like your opinions on
Whether I should be concerned about gyno, and hit the letrozole?

Or am I just overreacting, erect nips on the sustanon normal? … clean up my diet, and shut the fuck up:)?

[quote]Ross_AlanUSN10 wrote:
With my little bit of experience I notice my nipples get really small and erect when my AI is on point and doing its job. Especially after the shower. Also noticed this when I ran Nolva on cycle, could be one or the other. But in my opinion I’de much rather have little erect Hershey kisses than puffy ass oval shaped pepperonis. With the amount of gear your running I think .25mg ED might be a little much infact. Maybe try .25EOD or rather .5E3D see how that works out. I’m sure you have more experience than I do and you know what works for you. But that is just my theory. And when you upped the dose you may have lowered your E2 into a low uncomfortable level. If you were running close to a Gram of Test Then I think yes .25ED or .5EOD would be sufficient. Have you had labs recently?[/quote]

I found from previous all test cycles, around 7-800mg/wk 0.25mg of adex ED seemed to be good for me. The previous sust/primo cycle I thought I would need less adex due to primo’s lesser affinity for aromatisation than Test so I started with 0.25mg EOD but found out I still needed 0.25mg every day to totally stop itchiness, and sensitivity.
It makes sense that when I upped the dose I crashed my E. Just surprised I still had the erect nipples at the same time.

I haven’t had my labs done this cycle. I was going to wait until after PCT to see if I had returned to my baseline. I’ll definitely get them done mid cycle next time, to check my estrogen.

Really liking the anabolic effect of this cycle, good gains. Gotta figure out if its worth keeping with the sustanon or do Prop the whole time, for the androgenic part of combo.

I had erect nipples for the majority of my primo/test e cycle. No itchiness, tenderness, or pain, just erect. After cycle they went back to normal. Obviously a guess on my part, but it might just be something to do with the compound itself and how your body reacts to it.

I often get the same thing even on lower doses. I think there is this super narrow window for E2 for me. When I use a low dose SERM like Nolva 20mg EOD is gone though.

don’t forget that once you start freaking over stuff like this you start obsessively fondling your nips, which’ll make it way worse…,

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Thanks guys its good to know my experience with Sustanon is not uncommon.

I know what you mean Yogi about it fucking with your mind, the more you keep feeling for gyno. I was almost heading down to the bra shop, then I was going to get a breast cancer exam, then talk to Matt Kroc about my options:)
Jugs are cool and all, but I don’t want to grow a set.