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Sustamed 250, First Cycle


hey i have been taking sustamed 250 for about 4 weeks(my first cycle and only taking sustamed by itself) havent seen much gains...
im 5'9 164 been training for about 5years
im wondering if i should increase my intake right now im doing 1ml and then 2full days off of it then inject again i switch my inject spots from one side of my ass to the other but always extemely careful to hit the upper side part of it.

im also taking GNC brand mega man sport, amplified creatine 189 and also taking cytogainer 4scoops of cytogainer after every workout.... i take in about 4000calaroies a day what are your thoughts? also i work out 6days a week switching between Day 1:Chest/tri's Day 2: Back/bicpes Day 3:Legs and shoulders Day 4: Rest/abs
any ideas on my workouts or food intake/doseage?
Any help would be much apperiacted


How old are you??
Bodyfat % ??


You arent seen gains because you dont know how to eat.

If you knew how to eat you wouldnt be 160lbs at 5 9 in the first place.

List these 4000 calories you allgedly eat please


sorry i am 24 years old... and 12% bodyfat
on a normal day i eat 4eggs 2pieces of bread after that for a snack i eat a peatnut butter and jelly for lunch i normally eat 2-3 hambugers with some vegtables then after my workout i take in cytogainer after that i have a ham sandwhich till dinner than i take in chicken/rice/corn also on a normal day i take in 3 bottles of water at least then before i go to bed i down 4slices of french toast with another take of cytogainer before i go to bed

i feel as if its becuase of my body type i have never been able to gain any wait throughout my life i have increased my food greatly before i started the cylcle and i am now continueing to eat the same if not more..

im wondering if i should take 1ml then 2days w/o it then another 1ml or maybe i should change up my workouts/days off


you do know that an all sustanon cycle results in slow gains right? any cycle of a single compound is going to be slower than it could if stacked with another drug.
now your cycle of sustanon can result in a 30 lb gain max maybe more if you got great genetics for it. but a lot of it will be fat and water. you will make gains but as i said before they will be slow because its just one drug. if you want faster gains i would suggest extreme bulking but that could lead to health complications since you are just running one drug. try adding another drug, more on the anabolic end. test is anabolic and androgenic but your gains will be faster with an anabolic like deca or d-bol.
hope this helped


Increasing the dose of what your taking (no matter what it is), is not going to help you man.

None of this adds up. You eat 4,000 cal a day and work out hard 6 days a week (I do a similar split) and you weigh 165lbs. You've been at this for 5 years?? I dont know man, I think you should start logging the foods you eat every day. Also ask yourself if you are really training to your potential in the gym.

Its really hard to tell but I would have to say that no matter what, gear and supplements are not your problem. It has to be your diet and or training


ehh... i disagree on the comment about single compounds producing results slower.. sus contains 4 types of testosterone.. one being propionate.. results should be noticed by the end of week 1 hands down in my opinion. Perhaps you have fake stuff. and secondly, no fucking way you eat as much as you think you do. Youre small as fuck. Try training normally for a couple more years before a real cycle.


well he should be seeing SOME gains but i meant he could be seeing FASTER gains if stacked with another drug.
and yea i agree with you on the fake gear


So thats clearly no where close to 4000 calories. Ill say it again. You dont gain weight because you dont eat enough. This isnt a debatable fact. You arent an alien. You have consume more calories than you burn or else you wont gain weight.

Do your cycle without learing how to eat and this is what will happen. You'll get stronger. You'll gain a dozen pounds or so. During post cycle therapy you will begin to shed some of the water weight, so you'll be a few pounds lighter. Then about a month after PCT your body will have shed the excess pounds because you arent consuming enough calories to maintain the weight without the hormonal support. If you want to waste a couple hundred bucks, thats fine. Doesnt really make sense though.


Thanks for the overal shitty post full of conjecture and baseless opinion.




Bonez said it best man. You are eating NO WHERE near what need to be eating, and you are making up calories in your head to justify your sus not working (unless of course, it is in fact fake).

I'm in my 4th week of Sustamed 250 right now, and I've gained 11lbs thus far, AND that is while being deployed! You have to remember also that a calorie isn't just a calorie, but made up of fats, proteins, carbs, etc... If you aren't getting the right sources of calories, and timing them appropriately throughout your day and according to your workout schedule, then unfortunately you could potentially be wasting them.

This Forum isn't a 'HOW TO' manual, but merely a SOURCE for information, experiences, and feedback. This isn't BBing.com; Get your shit straight before you post something, or you're going to be eaten alive in here.


i was only trying to help. and btw its basic chem 101 to stack. jackass


well you need to work on your chemistry then lol


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