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Sustalan, Major PIP

Okay, i just got sustalan 250mg/ml
And decalan 250 mg/ml
I injected 1,5 ml sust and 1 ml deca 2 days ago, i got horrible pip, and my ass got massive 5" wide and 1 inch high swelling. its not red and hot, just swelled and very tender…tomorrow same injection to other glute, how to prevent this? Btw, its not about injection technique, i am very experienced pinner.

It’s just your batch. Not likely anything you are doing wrong. This is usually associated with higher concentrations and quick esters of which sustalan I’m assuming contains some. I’m sure you’re correct that its not your technique and just the gear itself. It could be heavy in BA on top of the aforementioned.

Ohh fuck, so i must just handle pillow sized swelling? Today second injection= i cant walk tomorrow.

More than likely my friend. I know its not the news you wanted.

Yep, i wonder if four smaller injections helps? I have never pinned tigh or shoulder…

Smaller injections could help.

Another possibility is that your gear has crystalized a bit. This is not for sure your issue, just a possibility. I would at least try running the vials under some very hot water for a couple minutes. It most likely isn’t the issue, but it could be and the solution is simple if it is, so I would give it a try.

I will warm those better. And it gets weirder, its new and not crystallized and NOBODY ELSE got anything like that(11 guys buyed exactly same batch) why the fuck i was only to get zeppelin my ass :grin: btw…my but has not get anybetter, that half balloon has not shrink almost all, no redness or hot.

Okay, 6 hours ago injected same thing to other glute, under hour there was about half egg, and now its size of my hand. Whole ass hurt and my lower back, i cant bent over at all and whole low back and ass is warmer than body. I massaged injection side gently before and after, warmed botles and shaked verywell, little different injection site that other glute, nothing helps. I must quit my leg training for 12-16 weeks now…i cant get new roids under month, so i forced to use that shit and use paingel and painkillers, ice and lay down almost 3-4 months…
This is those days i just wanna hang my gloves to nail for good. Btw…is it normal to get about egg size swelling from every fukin roid in the earth that last about 3-8 days??? Can i just be oversensitive for roids?

You could try subQ. Probably not better, but maybe.

I would say no. Maybe try a different brand/supplier

I think that can be done small amounts, but i need to inject 5 c/week

I have done 1 mL in one, but did get a minor bump and it was sore. ED injections would allow that dose. It probably won’t work, but I would consider trying it.

Do you mean everyday? No more injection a week, 2 is absolute max. My glute cannot stand even one inj. A week properly.

Yeah, try a small subQ injection and see if you get nasty pip. Not in the glute. Go just a bit left or right of your belly button.

I have tried about 15 different brands of roids, everyone of those cause bigger or smaller swelling, half egg under skin at smallest that subside about 3-4 days. Even 1 cc

That shit sounds horrible! It clearly seems very inflamed. I wouldn’t do this again. You probably react poorly to one of the ingredients. I’d try a different supplier and different compound.

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Thats not possible about month and i cant cut off cycle now, i dropped leg training, pain is too much and i fear to tear glute muscles.

I personally have noticed that injecting as slowly as possible made a difference for me.
You also may be having a reaction to the oil or the Ester.
Your body should develop tolerance over time as well.

So i just continue pinning?

Personally, and coming from someone with very little experience… id listen to my body

I had a bad experience with pip it was Test E at 300. I changed to a more expensive apparently “well respected” lab of Test E at 250 and just like that the pip was gone. I went from walking with a limp to barely noticeable pain.

I know you said you tried different brands but did you try switching to longer acting lowered dosage gear as suggested above?