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Susta+TREN+Win Cycle

_Hello to all . I wanted to start my 4th cycle …I bought TREN susta and win .the scheme would be this.

1-12 susta 250/500
1-6 TREN ac. 75 EOD
6-12 win 50 EOD
5-15 proviron 25/50 mg ED
15-17 clomid 100 mg ED
And hcg in the last weeks (8-12)

in previous cycles I used susta, deca , win, Dbol and is the first experience with tren

I’ve 24. I train for 6 years. I am currently at 3400 kcal (465cho, 55 fat, 250 pro)In bulk 4500 , 4 months ago with susta deca and dbol… I’m 5’9" X 187 lbs…
Now i’m to 5th weeks … Stop TREN And coming win … I kept the first week 4 K have now arrived at 4.8 K … I gained 5 kg with relative little fat … what should I do for the other six weeks where I will insert winstrol? Down slowly calories or continuing on this line and then cut in post cycle? how about ? I am currently at 191 lbs
I added arimidex ! At 3400 kcal I was too hungry and I seem to waste the cycle!