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sust ?

i have read statements similiar to the one below from various different sources. is there any truth to it? does sust produce less estrogenic sides?

“Athletes who use Sustanon report a solid muscle growth since it results in less water retention and also aromatizes less than either testosterone enanthate or cypionate. Indeed many bodybuilders who use testosterone and fight against distinct water retention and an elevated estrogen level prefer Sustanon over other long-acting de-pot testosterones.”

Since no one else has answered this I will give it a crack: I have never taken sustenon though so I can’t speak from personal experience. I have taken prop, enantate and cyponate.

My feeling however is that Test is Test. It doesn’t matter what ester is attachted, the active incredient, the molecule that actually causes growth is Testosterone. The different esters attached just change the rate in which the testosterone is broken down and used. So of course if you injected a cc of testoviron (250 mg/ml of enantate which has about a six day half life, vs injecting a cc of sustenon which is 250 mg/ml of varying esters- the longest being decanate which has a 10-15 day halflife, you would probably see more bloat from the enantate since for one: there is more actual testosterone in a cc of enantate than in a cc of sustenon because the longer chained esters in sustenon such as deconate take up more space leaving less space for testosterone molecules. And for two: the enantate is going to exert its full effects on your system quicker and at a higher peak dose than the equal amount of sustenon. And this is pretty much why I choose enantate or cyponate over sustenon, - simply because you get more bang for you buck or more actual testosterone per ml of oil. This is just my theory however. So everybody else feel free to express their opinions on this. P-22

I loved Sustanon. I have taken it a couple of times. I have also taken cypionate before. I noticed a big difference. A comment I got from a friend in the gym when I was taking cypionate was, “Gosh, what are you taking? It looks like I could pop you with a pin and you would explode”. An obvious reference to the water retention. The comment I heard when I was on sustanon, “Geez, you look really full. What are you taking? I want some”. Sustanon is a cleverly engineered combination of testosterones that work very effectively. Another bonus is that it is a testosterone and one of the androgenic effects that I am concerned with (i.e. hairloss), can be combated with finasteride. That is not the case with a lot of other AAS.

I have no comparison yet as I have only done one cycle with sust, but I’ll let you know soon…ah yes real soon:-)

Sorry, I am a BIG fan of testosterone. It is all I ever used. Test cyp, Prop, Enatate, sust, Testoprim, T-400, etc. Not all test is the same IN MY OPINION. Many say that “Test is Test” but bottom line FOR ME is Sust just works a whole hell of alot better and if I could afford it they would all have been sust cycles. I do not give a shit about the supression at the end, I can combat that. The only test, I ever truly feel totally out of this world on is Sust. Sorry, just my two pennies.

the pump you get when on sust is rediculous…plus i never really had a whole lot of water retention, only when you stack it with something like d-bol do you start getting a little bit puffy…even then it is negligable. in my opinion, it is probably the best all around steroid out there. you could use it for just about anything if you direct your diet and training accordingly.

After I have used up all my testoviron I will have to try sust for myself to see if there is any truth to these claims. Scientifically and theoretically speaking, I just can’t see how these claims can be substantiated though…

I don’t like sust, it is too hard to manage. You still need to do daily injects because of the prop and the damn stuff stays in your system for as long as three weeks post cycle, delaying recovery. If you use it and many do due to its easy accessibility, do the daily injects (some do EOD) and have some prop to run the last two weeks or so.

Oh yeah, it aromitizes just as much as any other test.

i just finished an 8 week sust based cycle. the two previous cycles where cypionate and enanthate based cycles. honestly my best cycles was based on 750mgs/wk of plain ole T200(which is enanthate) by tornel. but no doubt i liked the sust too. i will use sust again, no question.

I narrowly avoided gyno while on a sust cycl… be careful, just as you would be with any other test.

I think it affects everyone differently. On cyp and eth, you gain alot of weight but also alot of water retention, so your net gains are usually cut in half after a couple weeks. On sust, the initial gains are impressive, but then they seem to be smaller as the cycle progresses since you’re not gaining as much water. However, the gains seem to stick better.

For example, on a cyp cycle you might get 20 lbs but only hold onto about 12. On sust, you might only get 12, but hold onto them.

intersting take shirtbuster.

im 16 days in and i have yet to experience any sides. no water retention, no acne, no nothing. i was kinda getting worried actually.