Sust, Tren, Primo and Deca on Hand

27yo 220 pounds 12%bf

1st was just dbol and test. Put on 8kg but wasnt really happy with results…was first cycle and could have done it better.

2nd was sust and primo 2pins a week total 500mg sust and 1000mg primo. Put on 6kg lean muscle

For 3rd cycle
Now thinking to combine sus, tren and primo

Week 1-12 primo 1000mg
Week 1-12 sust 500mg
Week 1 - 8 tren 250mg

Then a week later start pct clomid and nolvadex

I have 10ml of deca as well but dont think i need to add.

Now ive been trying to do as much reading as possible to gather as much information as I can. There is so much. So I thought to add another standard thread to get some specific advice.

What p/c/f do you plan on consuming on this cycle?

4-5000 calories per day 40/45/15