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Sust / Tren Cycle Help


i need some suggestions on how much of each i should be taking and when. everything ive heard or read is different.
lets start with my stats
36 yrs old
17% body fat

training for 10yrs on and off 1yr non stop
have done some sust cycles over the yrs
just finished a 12 wk sust 300 cyycle 6months ago
i also plan on doing another pcy after this cycle
what im looking for is some real friggin advice on how much of each i should do and maybe what my protien intake should be. any advice would help.


wow are you for real you don't even know what your protien intake should be? atleast 1.5g X body weight so in your case at leaet 300 grams would be better if you shot for 350g though.

all sorts of combonations for doses I just finished a test/tren cycle with 750mg test and 600 mg tren a week. I gained a solid 10 pounds and lost some fat to.

Do some reading decide what you want to do


The consensus on this site as of lately seems to be low test high tren. But there are also some people who run almost equal amounts of each comp. It just depends on your preference and how prone to sides you are.


How long was that cycle? 600mg Tren a week would fuck me up, I think I'd starve half to death through loss of appetite then commit suicide from depression! LOL