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Sust Questions, Fake?


Hey T-Nation. I've read many forums handling this question but I figured I would put mine out there to get your general opinion. A friend of mine(more acquaintance), told me about this sust he has been getting and I finally said "Get me some!". $120, got it. I've never seen sus in my life, I'm a newb, of course. It is definitely some UGL stuff with some generic label saying it's G.A.U.L.S.(which bothers me).

Another thing is that the bottles seal has obviously had needles poked through it. He claimed that his source mixed it right in front of him(the 4 esters). I supposed the questions are: How oily should this stuff be?(should it coat the inside of the bottle very well when I turn the vial). Should I tell the guy I want my money back?

All that being said, the guy I got it from showed me other test he got from his source, which has been the type for cattle(it had a cow on the bottle I'm pretty sure). So... what's up guys?

Thanks in advance for advice.


Most probably what showed you was not test, but tren. Now, I cannot comment on your test, I would sure as hell not use it though.


The ugl is legit. We have no way of knowing what's in your vial, your source could've drawn out the test himself and replaced it with grapeseed oil.


Gauls is private..

your friend sounds shady at best


Gauls is a UGL,and most def legit. Your friends story sounds sketch though.