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Sust, Prop, Deca Cycle


My friend landed on sust 250, deca, prop, and dbol (not planned originally, unfortunately) and wants to run a cycle leading up to one meet, then running it through another 6 weeks later. He's 25, 290lbs, fat, and squats 700+ raw, he's been training for 10 years. This will be his second cycle.

He doesn't want to pin ED, which sucks considering he was given sust and prop instead of test E. Sucks, I know.

Anyway, we were thinking of a cycle, and came up with this:
W1-12 sust 500mg/2 x wk
W1-12 prop 100mg/2 x wk
W1-10 deca, 300mg/2 x wk
D-bol run wks 2-3 and 9-10, 50mg ED (both two weeks pre-meet)
W12-16 prop 10mg/ED
W12-16 nolva/20mg ED
16-20 taper 40/30/20/10
16-20 nolva 20mg ED

The sust/prop for W1-12 will be shot as follows:
Day 1 sust, 250mg
Day 2 no shot
Day 3 Prop, 50mg ; deca 150mg
Day 4 no shot
Day 5 sust, 250mg
Day 6 no shot
Day 7 prop, 50mg ; deca 150mg
Day 8: no shot
Caber wk 1-12 .25mg/2 x wk
If he can get his hands on some HCG, he'll use 150iu/ EOD Wk 1-12 (should it be wk 1-16??)

Does this sound like a semi-salvagable cycle?

Am I overcomplicating things?

Is the stasis/taper okay? It makes sense to dose nolva with the prop as the whole â??100mgT with SERM is non-suppressive?? thing, correct? What dose of nolva is sufficient? All I've ever read has said "T with SERM" but doesn't state a dose.

Is this cycle fucked from the start? If so, just say so. I won't be terribly offended.



Oh by the time I finish you'll be more than terribly offended.

First off, your proposed cycle is horrific. It really makes me wonder how people are ok injecting things in their bodies that they clearly dont know ANYTHING about.

Not only does this not make any sense, I will be extremely surprised if your "friend's" cycle isnt complicated with all sorts of side effects.

Now with that being said, lets see what we can do about fixing it..

Lets get one thing straight. Test is test. regardless of the ester, its all the same. So for you to try and incorporate Sust and Prop in the same cycle is redundant and showing your stupidity in AAS.

If your "friend" plans on using Sust OR Prop, EOD injections at the least are necessary to keep blood levels even. Keeping blood levels even will minimize side effects. Maybe he was thinking injecting Prop in between Sust injections will make up for the loss of the short estered test in the sust, but i highly doubt that was his goal in doing this. Drop the prop completely and do straight sust. If he likes to keep things simple I'd do 250mg/1ml EOD for 10 wks and call it a day.

In addition to all this, your questions on PCT can be found with around 5 mins of research on THIS forum. This is showing me just how much research you've put into this "cycle". I'm not spoon feeding you PCT.

One more thing, you start by saying its a friend doing the cycle, but towards the end it changes to you.



He IS shooting the short esters EOD. For a total if 4x/wk.

Looks fine to me.

He may find that 50mg dbol leading upto the meet may hinder his lifts, if he is a strongman he will suffer bad pumps (or probably at least) if he is a Powerlifter it may not be an issue.

I personally wouldnt bother with the 70mg/wk stasis, but thats me.



I dunno, seems like hes complicating things with no added benefit.

When he states..

"W1-12 sust 500mg/2 x wk
W1-12 prop 100mg/2 x wk"

makes me think he really isnt thinking on the same page as us.



Alternatively you could:

Wk1-3 Sust 750mg/wk (250mg 3x/wk) Shoot an extra 500mg on the first day.
Wk1-3 Deca 300mg/wk (150mg 2x/wk) Shoot an extra 300mg on the first day.
Wk1-3 Dbol 210mg/wk (30mg/day)

Wk4-8 40/40/20/20 Tamoxifen.

Wk8: Start 3 week blitz again, to run; Wk8-10, covering the second meet.

You have the option of adding 350mg of prop/wk which would total 1.1g test/wk. You could also add some prop the 2 days before each meet to hopefully assist aggression and neural strength.

This would be two 3 week blitz cycles of a higher dose leading upto and including the day of the meet - and finishing on the 21st day which you ensure is the day after each meet.



Let's hear your laundry list of possible sides for this cycle that isn't potentially present on all other cycles? We (I?) cut the deca out before test to avoid deca dick. He'll be shooting prop EOD to maintain (relatively) stable blood levels. Cabergoline will be used to combat prolactin sides.

Test is test? On paper, yes, in RL? No. If it were, you could use prop or cyp for the same exact cycle. That would be stupidity in AAS.

I don't know if you know this, but shooting on days 1,3,5, etc... is shooting EOD. Which is exactly what you recommend.

Why do you doubt this was the reason for it? That was exactly the reason for it. That's why I included the example week of injections in my original post.

I didn't ask for you to spoon feed me PCT, twat. I laid out an entire cycle plan, including a stasis/taper PCT and asked if it was okay.

We came up with the cycle. I'm sorry I didn't include "we" everytime I typed out a question. Call it my cycle, whatever, I couldn't care less.

Next time you try to rip a cycle apart, wait for someone to come in and ask for a DBOL only cycle looking to keep all of his gains. Or just wait for bonez to do it, he's funny when he does it. You're not.


In your first post, you said you wouldn't bother with the 70mg/wk stasis. Do you mean get rid of the whole stasis/taper and just use 40/40/20/20 nolva? I just thought he may be better off using a stasis/taper due to the "long" cycle.

As for the dbol, he's used 50mg/day and been fine on it.

Ok, questions about this plan proposed above:

  1. PCT after his first blitz will be okay even without waiting for the blood levels to drop because he's going right back on after?

  2. His second PCT after his second blitz would begin week 13, correct? And this would still be 40/40/20/20 again, correct?


Oh, one thing I DID forget... He'll be using .5mg adex EOD, and .5mg ED whilst on dbol.


Let me say again, Test is Test. On paper. in real life. wherever the hell else you want to mention. test is test. end of story. only difference is the ester.

If you want to make things complicated with 0 added benefit go with Prop in between Sust shots. Not my cycle.



Sorry mate - it is a typo.. no you wait a couple weeks between cycle and PCT. Both times - :wink:

As for the Stasis and taper - yes i would drop it all.. a SERM PCT will and does suffice in these type of situations IME.


"twat" lol


The cycle in the OP is fine. I might make slight changes, but they would be very minor.

Actually, if it is the case that this is all the OP can get hold of, it's actually quite well thought out. If all I had was sust and prop, I would do similar.


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