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Sust PCT Questions Need Help in the HCG Area!!!


Ok so here was what my cycle has been and what my PCT was going to be:

Age: 27
Training 4 years

Cycle :
Sustanon 250mg 3x/wk @ .7 ML for 10 weeks- So a little over 500mg/wk total *injecting m-w-f
Liquidex .5ml EOD weeks 1- 12

*HCG - Weeks 10-12 m-w-f 250 Iu

PCT: *(starting 2wks after last inject due to the half life of sust)
Nolva 60, 40, 40, 20 - daily for weeks 13 - 16(3 weeks after last injection)


-As of now my boys have shrunk down to 50 -75% normal size.... Is my use of HCG beginning my last full week of my cycle UP UNTIL the week i start the Nolva acceptable? My theory was to get the boys back up to size berfore the actual start of PCT to make the transition back to normal production quicker?

  • Also when can i quit the liquidex or am I on target with stopping it week 12?

Please helppppppppp



Using hCG before starting PCT is proper.

But since you'll have a whole vial of it, why not use it sooner than that.


THnx man sounds good! How long is too long with HCG 3-4 weeks max since i was gonna pin EOD?


You cant really use too much hCG as long as you stop it at the right time. Most people start it week 3 of a medium ester cycle. But using it for 4 weeks is OK. It's not really that big of a deal.


Thnx man you have been most helpfully right from my original posts during cycle planning.. One more question not on an HCG note... I and going into my final 3 weeks of the cycle this week. I have been doing .7 ml m-w-f... I have had little or no side effects and ok gains which have begun to slow...

I have enough gear left to do 1 ml m-w-f for the final 3 weeks....

-Is this safe to do at this point? I would like to get the most out of it and i dont really need to have any left over sitting around when im done...

this being my first cycle i just wanna make sure its safe to up the dosing this late in my cycle before i do something st00000pid.


Its fine.