Sust Injection Frequency?

I’m planning to do a cycle of Sust and Tren in the near future. I plan to run the Tren at 50mg ED, but I’m a little torn on how to take the Sust. They are the pre-loaded ones so it is pretty hard to take less than one CC at a time. So I guess what I’m trying to decide is 250 EOD or E3D. I’ve done 3 cycles now, Test only at 500/w, Test 500w/k with Deca 400w/k, and a Tren Winny Cutting Cycle.

Yo, if your under 25, expect gyno at this frequency. I love Sus, but I find every 5th day is good. I used to use it at every 7th day but I was younger. Every 5th day keeps me feelin’ good now, but I’m 33, so I have used it numerous times thru the years. My first cycle was 500 mgs/week at 21 yo, and I had to load on Nolvadex to get rid of the tender nips!

PM me if ya want more of my personal experiences. I love the sus, but most guys on here slam it because of the blend. But they are underestimating the synergistic effects of 4 types of test, and the results they exhibit.

susceptibility to gyno will vary by individual. some guys can run a gram per week without an anti E and be fine, others get tender nips just looking at a bottle of test. there are no absolutes.

IMO, shoot the sust EOD,just make sure you rotate sites appropriately (as you also have ED shots w/tren). have a-dex for during your cycle, or at least nolva on hand.

Personally if you are going to shoot Tren ED, then why not add a little Sust to the tube everyday as well? Otherwise could do it twice a week, every 5 days, whatever, but EOD would seem best individually - but if you are already shooting ED, why not shoot it ED as well?

USE Letrozole or Arimidex (an AI) and do not use Nolvadex while using a Progestin (Tren), Nolvadex increases Progesterone Receptor sensitivity. Use an AI and you will not have to worry about excess estrogen/progesterone causing Gyno anyway, if you really want that extra couple pounds of water than at least keep Letrozole on hand as it will knock out Gyno better than Nolvadex anyday and won’t cause the potential sides.

I like that idea of just splitting the ready-jects into thirds and shooting in the same syringe as the Tren. That will put me at the 500-600 mg a week target that I want plus take advantage of the short Esters. It’s ok to inject the ready-jects into another syringe isn’t it?

It will be ok to remove the oil from the other syringe, just try to do this without comprising the sterility of the sus.
Using both compounds ED should yeild better results. Make sure to rotate injection spots and use a 1.5" tip into glutes or quads.
See Ya