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Sust in Oral Liquid Dropper, Prohormone?

So I have been on TRT for about 3 years now since I was 18 due to test defficency . Before I got on TRT I was 128 pounds and very under developed. After BW I found that I needed TRT . I grew from 5’8 to 6’1 and I went from 128 pounds to 175 of muscle with 8 to 16% BF . Furthermore I’ve been wanting to blast with sust and drol to kinda get out of my Plato and I purchased the drol and sust but oddly the sust came as a oral liquid in a dropper that you hold under your tongue and then swallow . Does sust come in that form ? Or is it a prohormone ?

My cruise ~ 3 years 200mgs of test cyp a every 6 days
My blast ~ stacking the 200mg cyp with a full dropper of sust with 25mg drol . Taking the shot from my doctor as prescribed but the orals I bout recreationally from a trusted dealer/friend . (The blast is still in its learning phase) meaning I havnt started until I got the facts straight

Btw I don’t plan on cycling I’m just gonna blast and cruise .
Thank god for TRT !

So the real reason for this post is a have liquid sust in a dropper you put under your tongue and swallow is it legit ? Or a prohormone ?

There’s no way legit sust. Just being honest. The superdrol, on the other hand would be good to see what it does with trt, I wanted to see that my self.

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See I thought the same thing but I’ve heard of Drs making dropper oils of there own compounds . Because my dr offers tro-keys or however you spell it that are melt away test cyp . So I’m wondering if my guy got this from a guy that does something similar . Thanks for the response Il put up pics of my before TRT and after . And after I start my drol with my TRT Il post results as well .

mind you this was 3 months into TRT from having a Tlevel of nothing to being on track did wonders for my body . This was 3 years ago

There is a lot of useless, sometimes dangerous, shit on the WWW. Just stick to injected T.

Are you OK becoming infertile?

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