sust frontload

what is the proper way to frontload sust. i plan to use 250mg eod. do i just do 500mg eod for the first week, or what?

P-Dog, why are you using Sust eod? I thought the “overall” half life of Sust was around 5 days. I used the term “overall” because of the different esters in the product.

i use the same EOD protocol with sust to give me 1g a week which i like with test based cycles. the advantage to EOD is keeping the propionate esther elevated. and yes just shoot 2cc’s EOD for the first 4 shots. if it hurts you then cut it 1cc of sterile usp oil

thanks bro.

my gay supplier hasnt got my adex or hcg yet. i have my test and tren and i was hoping to start shootin on sunday. im off work for two weeks and i planned to dedicate my life to training for the next two weeks. but this fag hasnt got my a dex yet.

i do however have some clomid and nolva should i start without the adex or just wait? or should i just kick his ass? either way im pissed. i feel better now.

no problem you hairy ass beast. whats your cycle look like? dont rememeber seeing it posted. just curious.

sust 250eod tren 75ed

you should grow like a goddamned weed.

Any thought as to sprinkling that with some Dbol the first few weeks?

i thought about adding the d-bol but this is my first mass cycle and i want to see how i react to these drugs first. not to mention im very confident that this will be plenty of gear for me to grow from.

Yeah, but…

yep. your gonna love it. just finished the same one but tren was 100mgs/ed and i ran dbol at 50mgs/ed first 6. really loved it. i am going to do a primo/winny cycle for spring then my next bulker may be the same one i just did.

enjoy bro. I am starting test, tren dbol in less than two weeks. I cant wait. lol

ahh first shot down. pain free and no cough.

i feel better already.

you bastard. i am on week 2 post cycle. started clomid today. time to start buying tampons and kleenex. i hate the post cycle blues. i firmly extend my middle finger to all of you “on” right now. : )

hey goddammit! ive been off for 5 months and this is my first mass cycle. dont be getting pissed at me! your on 352 days per year.

WTF is this about shooting Sust eod? Why? It should contain 4 esters, yeah it contains some Prop, but by the time the Prop is dying off, the next ester is kicking in and so forth. The whole idea behind Sust is that it gives you the sustained, steady release of T without frequent injections.

IMHO what you’re doing is taking a perfectly good airplane, strapping it on your back, and flapping your arms, oh, wait, that analogy is lost on my bro P-Dog.

Okay P-Dog, just imagine you have this really hot chick and she desperately wants to get it on - for real.

You’re dry humping her. :wink:

p-dog try reading the “steroids for newbies” thread.

A) maintain steady blood levels.

B) keep injection volume down

C) im using tren ed so why not just injest a cc of sust with it eod?

mdog every time you open your mouth on this site you make an absolute ass of yourself.

let me tell you this guys. mdog is 5’11 and about 170 at around 15%. he hasnt worked out in 5 months and he plans to do the same cycle as me.

i told him hes a moron and i tried to hide it from the rest of the forum because i felt bad for him. but hes runnijng his mouth so now the cats out of the bag.

oh and btw the weed 3x per day and all pizza diet is not exactly conducive to lbm gains.

put that in your pipe and smoke it!