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Sust for 1st Cycle

Please critique my first cycle layout…let me know what i should improve and what i should add on or take away from it…

Weeks 1-10 Sust 250 500mg/week
Weeks 1-4 DBol 50mg/day
Weeks 10-14 winstrol 40mg/EOD
Weeks 14-16 clomid 50mg/day

Also i plan on taking milk thistle throughout the cycle…thanks for the input in advance

drop the winstrol, use test E instead of sustanon (way more stable)

make ur pct begin 2-2.5 weeks after ur last pin and it should last 4 weeks 100/100/50/50 with clomid

use aromasin 12.5mg ED and taper it off through your pct

Test E with the same dosage amount??

yes… u can use more if you like tho… like 750mg-1g

Ok sounds good…appreciate the help…

Mr. Walkway so i have Test E 300 planning on pinning 600mg/week 300 on monday and 300 again on thrusday…sounds good?? again i appreciate the help…

that’s fine

didnt see any stats so prob shouldnt even be critiquing BUT your going to do what you want anyway and im assuiming your at least 21. no flame to walkway he is knowledgeable as hell and seems to have the attitude go big or go home which i like lol but going over 750mg let alone 500mg for your first run is wasting your money. Unless your a natural 250 pound beast, your going to gain wonderful off your first run at 500mg test e and dbol.

more test will just give more sides and not necessarily much more gains. drop the winny like mr. walkway said. two orals in one cycle is never a good idea. start 1cc (assuming 250mg/ml test e) 2x a week and if your rele not gaining by week 4-5 jump up to 1.25cc 2x a week. just my opinion take or leave it

didnt see your last post about the test e 300mg/ml. you should be fine at 600 and not need to go any higher than that.

Mr. walkway when you give out pct advice I’ve noticed sometimes you advise Clomid and sometimes nolvadex, is there any reason to this? In your opinion are different forms of pct more suitable for different compounds?

*and I’m talking about straight forward cycles with the variations being different forms of test