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Sust/EQ/Winny Cycle Proposal

Let me know what you think.
Goal is to get a little size/leaner.
1st cycle was Sust/Tren
This would be 2nd cycle (had proposed one earlier but did not want to play with deca)
5’8 180 11%
Weeks 1-10 Sust 500mg total a week (shot 3 times a week)
Weeks 1-10 EQ 400mg total aweek (shot with the sust (i know it does not need to be shot as often))
Weeks 1-4 Winny shot EOD @ 100mg per shot (using in the beginning since the others are longer esters (besides the little amount of prop in the sust))
Weeks 8-12 Winny shot same as above

PCT is 40/30/20/10 of Tamoxifen
Have adex too, although did not use it much for first cycle…and don’t think it will be necessary.



Frontload the Sust and Eq
Inject the Sust and Eq 4x/wk (it will be easier to measure 0.5ml 4x/wk than 0.66ml 3x/wk of both products)
Use arimidex to manage estrogen whether you are growing tits or not.

As for your goal. It is totally dependant on diet not the inclusion of Eq and Winstrol… just making sure you know that for sure.