Sust/EQ/Primo First Cycle

Hey guys any feedback on this first cycle i have im doing
800mg sustanon/week
600 mg of equipoise/week
300 mg of primobolan enanthate/week

any sugestions or keep it like it is?

Pull your pants up.

X2 i am usually not one to criticize but what the fuck is the deal with 150lb guys running 1700mgs of anabolic per week…are you serious???

oops my mistake checked profile…145lbs…un fucking real

facepalm For the love of Pete, try EATING MORE! Fuck… You cannot be serious!

XWhatever number we are at now.

Also no surprise: Join date: Sep 2009. Posts: 1

I actually have not even yet looked at the left side of the screen. I’m The Amazing Kreskin when it comes to these things. So, I’m right, right? OH! Yes, thank you ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be here all week.