Sust/EQ/HGH Cycle

Training experience - training in gym environments since I was about 14/15, seriously attempting to logically bodybuild for the past 2/3 years (will upload progress photos later)
Occupation - manager in a full time business but qualified level 3 PT
Diet - macros atm are around 40-70g fat, 300-400g protein, 150-300g carbs (depending on daily workload), eating hunterer gatherer/IF/pulse feast kind of style, weird but it works for me.

Shake in AM either after morning workout or on wake, shake midway between AM workout and PM workout, rest of macros post workout, it’s a hell of a lot easier for me than eating 24/7 as I work 40 miles from home, my weight hasn’t dropped below 187lbs on maintenance over a month and has even stayed the same on deficit for a month so far while I have dropped a little bit of BF.

Just started my third cycle, previous experience being;

1)Danabol DS 40mg/ED 4 weeks - 162lbs to 178lbs after PCT, BF in the mid teens
2)Test-E 500mg/week 20 weeks - 178lbs to 187lbs after PCT, dropped 3% BF, around 12%

Current cycle just started;

HGH - Serostim/2iu A.M/2iu P.M/EOD - weeks 1-52 (whenever I wanna stop really I have 52 weeks worth prebought, aiming to use all)
Sustanon 250 - 750mg/week - weeks 1-16
EQ (boldenone undecylonate) - 500mg/week - weeks 1-14
D-Bol - Danabol DS/50mg/ED - weeks 1-6
AI - Proviron/50mg/ED - weeks 1-22
PCT: Nolvadex - 20mg/ED - weeks 18-22 // Clomid - 300mg week 18/day 1, 100mg/ED week 18/rest, 50mg/ED week 19 // HCG - 500iu/EOD, week 18 + days 1-4 week 19

The GH I’ve actually been taking for 3 weeks prior to starting the cycle to give it a bit of a headstart however still got well into May/June before I’ll notice anything no doubt. The aim of the cycle is lean mass, however I’ve got my eyes on NABBA North East U21s on May 19th so if I can cut enough (currently around 10%), the Sust isn’t too harsh with the sides until then and the Proviron works well enough hopefully I won’t be holding too much water if not. If not I have the next 2 cycles, i.e. year’s worth of cycles planned until next year where I will still be elligible (just) to enter the same comp.

This is mainly a log however some advice on inclusion of Tren Ace later on (I’m against it as I believe it’s way too heavy for a 3rd cycle) as I’ve had suggested by a few would be appreciated. Few things; age - please don’t consult me on my decisions regarding this, I have all the gear bought and have started, damage done, I’ve done my research and have all the PCT and bloodwork planned and ready, heavy

3rd - I have the money, stuff is all prebought and good quality as mentioned, please don’t chastise me for this being a waste either, cutting on a mass cycle (wtf bro?!) - I’m experimenting, I know my body, if it works, it works, if not then nothing lost.

Proviron is not an AI.
Have you used A. P. gear in the past? I used it last cycle and found it to be underdosed. Also the 500IU hCG EOD is slightly overkill, I would cut that down to 250iu 2x/wk and work up from there IF needed.

If I ever decided to use EQ I would not use it any shorter then 16 weeks, its a very long ester and takes forever to kick in. Also I would frontload it without a doubt.
187lbs at 12% BF is not all that impressive, how tall are you?
How are you injecting the HGH? Subq im guessing?


Cheers for the feedback. From what I’ve read on Proviron it acts much the same as Arimidex in regards to SHBG binding affinity and does affect aromatisation of other gear to some degree, AI is probably the wrong term but as something to reduce sides, water retention, increase free test etc. It’s worked well for me in the past, took it with my first bit of D-Bol and only lost 1kg post PCT.

HCG - from what I’ve read on it the dosages to assist PCT but cause minimal Leydig cell oxidation were 250-500iu EOD for 10-14 days but this is my first time using it. I’ll scale it down to 250iu thanks for that, what kind of cycle do you recon would need 500iu out of interest?

EQ - also aware of it being long acting, I’ve read 14 weeks minimum, I’ll see how results go around the 8-10 week mark and if I haven’t put on a decent amount of size by then I can easily acquire more and extend the cycle, I’ll bear it in mind thanks. I am frontloading with the D-Bol as well as mentioned at 50mg/ED/6 weeks which I responded well too at 40mg/4 weeks so I think this will be ample, however I’ve bought 500 tabs so have more if needed I’m organised.

A.P. - first time using em, I normally don’t do labs and try stick to pharma however dealer was having issues sourcing vet grade with transport. There were a few other mates of mine I knew dealt good stuff so I looked at the brands available and these come up as best on the forums, so far I’ve pinned 2 vials and both have been pretty much bang on 1ml, 1 was slightly over like 1.1ml so I haven’t had any problems yet but will let you know.

Body comp - I’m 6ft so I don’t weigh a lot at all, I’m about 9-10% this morning at same weight. Hence why I’m evaluating closer to competition whether I’m big, full, dry enough etc in comparison to others of previous shows, my main focus is of course bringing my best and being able to give them a good run, if not I won’t compete and I’ll continue building.

GH - Sub-Q yeah, below or laterally 2 inches from navel.

Thanks for the criticism I appreciate it as I’m still learning! Lookin like a unit in your avatar mate!

What are your goals with the HGH use? Fat loss?
IMO I would not use HGH subQ due to the dangers of creating insensitivity in the long-term. SubQ injections do not mimick the natural secretion pattern of HGH and you are in danger of developing insulin resistance from subQ HGH. I would do the HGH intramuscular and hit 6-8iu E3D, I have done this myself and achieved good results.

For the hCG, I dont feel any cycle will need a 500iu dose EOD unless you are unresponsive to the usual 250iu 2x/wk dosing schedule. I have been on highly suppressive cycles (mainly with Tren) and have got away with 250iu 2x/wk and retained testicular volume.
Where have you read that proviron affects aromatisation? Proviron is a DHT derivative, a weak androgen. What properties could it have that will make it act like arimidex? They are two completely different classes of drug.


Bit more info on diet and training, just gonna bullet point what I do most often;

Meats - Red: venison and other game ordered from Scotland, mostly wild, don’t often buy red meat from supermarkets due to fat content and intensive farming occasionally some extra lean steak mince or lamb leg steaks if it’s 5% or less fat.
White: turkey or chicken breast
Fish and seafood: haddock, cod, pollack, hake (also imported, prawns, salmon 1/2 x weekly on higher fat days
Offal: liver, heart (all fat content dependent, 4% or less)
Veg: aim for 5-10 different kinds with 10-20 portions daily, selected fresh or frozen, no tinned or processed
Carbs: potatoes, rice, fruit, oats and semolina occasionally, no pasta or heavily processed carbs
Dairy: eggs (mostly whites but generally include 1/2 yolks for vitamin/mineral profile), quark, skimmed/soya milk for shakes, occasionally parmesan or light mozzarella in small quantities as a topper

Out of my 3/4 evening meals I have a different protein source for each with generally one red meat, one fish, one white meat with carbs and vegetables and then a vegetable dish on its own, something like a veg curry (herbs and spices and stock not cook in sauce)
I try to eat at least 5 portions of fish a week and offal 2-4 times for vitamin and mineral profile

Supplements: Animal Pak once daily or twice if veg content is on the low side, Amino Acids/Intraworkout intraworkout, Creatine Mono 200 Mesh 10g daily, Whey Protein, Blend Protein, EFA’s, CalMag, Pre-Workout (I have about 8 and choose which one depending on what feeling I need)
Have shake on wake, shake midday, rest of macros post-workout P.M session

11x + weekly
Mon-Friday A.M + P.M, Sat OFF, Sunday whenever
A.M sessions mainly cardio based, low volume HIT sprints or randomized fartlek (usually stairmaster/X-trainer) followed by resistance (present: Biceps, Triceps, Abs, Core, Obliques, Traps, Calves in appropriate combinations)

P.M sessions with either LV HIT sprints if not done A.M (aim for every day) or 10-15 mins 65-75% fartlek stairmaster followed by resistance (present: Quads, Hams, Chest, Back, Shoulders, Calves, Core), followed by 10-15mins 65-75% stairmaster.

Biceps and Triceps trained separately
Hamstrings trained twice weekly, one heavy session on their own, one light inclusion with quads as I am quad heavy
Core trained as often as possible with the focus being stability
Shoulders trained similar to hamstrings as are also lagging
Back trained twice weekly, one focused on large compounds, other focused on light detail with more cable/machine work

Will take photos tonight of gear and current physique

GH - have you got any comparisons between the two mate? I’ll read about that thanks! If I switch to IM would I presumably just load it into a slin pin and push into my syringe when I pin my Sust/EQ?

HCG - thanks, that’s always good to know, there’s far to little people using HCG sensibly and it’s very difficult to find quality advice instead of the usual ‘pin 5000iu and get it done with’ BS.