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Sust/Eq/Dbol Cycle Question/Advice


How goes it, bros?! So I’ve been doing some research and haven’t been able to get conclusive answers to a couple of questions I have. Any good advice and tips are appreciated. My stats: 5’9, 165lbs, 36yr, 16%bf, and have been training on and off since I was 20. This will be my 4th cycle (previous cycles have been test only and test/win/hgh). Currently been on basically TRT dosage of Test cyp for the last 8 weeks of 100mg a week with HCG. I was going to switch to Sustanon 300mg Weeks 1-8
EQ 200mg Weeks 1-12
Dbol 20mg (ED) Weeks 1-4
My questions are with my diet being pretty clean will this be a good cycle to gain some some lean mass? I know my dosages are pretty low but I have found in the past I have been very prone to acne and some hair loss with test cyp at 400mg and above after the 8 week point and have had to stop. I also have experienced pretty bad joint pain from arimidex during the test/win cycle. My goal with this cycle is to gain some lean mass and minimize the sides, basically just a good kick for my regular routine.

Also, thoughts about taking the Dbol on workout days only (pre-workout)? I figure since the half-life is so short and I will have other AAS in my system as a base that it wouldn’t make a difference not taking ED and would be easier on the ol’ liver and minimize sides. And if taking 20mg can I just take the 20mg preWO instead of split dose? I have heard anecdotal stories that support both. How about continuing with the HCG on this cycle? I have clomid/nolva for PCT. I have never really had too bad of a prob with gyno, except for when I ran the test/winny cycle for way longer than I should have. I have adex on hand, but would like to avoid taking it at all costs. Thanks for the knowledge bros!


Why are you gonna take EQ longer than sust, it is a pretty long ester I would run the dust with it


And then just go off both at the same time for 3 weeks and start PCT?


Yeah, make sure you read @KSman pct thread