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would 250 ml of sust a week +200 ml of decca a week as a first course be okay , and when would i take nolvadex and for how long , and when would i take hcg and how much , is a 12 week course okay / i am 36 16 stone 4 and been training on and off for 15 years mostly off but i am really getting in to it now and would love some advise of you guys , i have been studying this site for a while and think it is rather imforeative , please help me guys , i dont want to make any mistakes , the likelylad

low doses can work well over longer periods. i’d suggest upping it to 375 sust and 300 deca a week. thats 1.5 cc’s each. you could however keep it simple and just go with 500 mg sust per week if this is your first cycle. with the sust, you may want to inject mon-thurs-sat as a minimum to take advantage of the short acting esters in the blend. EOD would be better though.