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Sust/Deca/Tren Cycle?


Hey guys. I've been following these forums for a few years now and finally decided to join the fun. I thought Id ask you guys what you think of a cycle I'm planning. I'm on 810mg per week of gp sust 270 right now... 6 weeks in and I'm up to 210lbs from 186 before I started... bodyfat has stayed at 9% so far. I'm 5'10", 16.75" arms (obviously my weak spot), 30" waist, 50" (circumference relaxed) shoulders, 44"chest (circumference at nipple line relaxed), 24.5" legs, 16" calves, 22 years old. Max deadlift 455lbs, max squat 455lbs, max bench 325lbs.

I was wondering what you guys think of my next cycle (after full pct then 12 weeks off of course). 1080mg sust 270 per week (16 weeks), 750mg deca per week (first 10 weeks), 600mg tren e per week (last 10 weeks). Anti estrogen during cycle would be arimidex 1mged (very gyno prone), dostinex 1mg per week. I would be using a standard pct protocol with aromasin, clomid, hcg.

Any opinions? Thanks for the help guys.


No responses… Guess that means my cycle is good to go!


[quote]jmb89 wrote:
No responses… Guess that means my cycle is good to go![/quote]
if you say so.


2.4 grams of gear a week - that’s a big cycle, probably don’t need nearly that much, especially since you’re doing so well on just your test cycle now. I’d say add only one of those compounds, deca or tren for the next cycle, at a lower dose than you proposed, and leave the test where it is. Like 750 test/500 deca or 750 test/400 tren - especially if you haven’t used the other compounds before.