Sust, Deca, Dbol, Clen?

so im about to run my second cycle what i can get my hands on is sust250, deca, dbols and i got about 50 40mcg clenbuterol all UGL. im getting married in 5ish months and want to look better than ever for my honey moon haha what are peoples opinions on cycle dosage ect i have in mind what im gonna do but just want some outside opinions also im not a dickhead im a professional in the fitness industry bout five years training experience and of course i have nolva armidex and hcg
stats (australian)
height 173cm
weight 87kg
bf 10%
squat 175kg
deadlift 220kg
bench 120kg

87kg…10%…aesthetics acquired :smiley:

and in for informed opinions as I will be running my 2nd cycle for similar goals in a few months but coming from 12-14% and 91kg

the two are not mutually exclusive.

You’re kind of all over the place. What do you actually want to use?

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hahah definitely not actually most dickheads i know are in the industry

what i was thinking of running 12weeks
500mg sust/week 1-12
250mg deca/week 1-12
50mg dbol/day 4-8
maybe some clen at the end depending on bf levels or even mid cycle after dbol??

Congrats on the wedding

All those compounds bloat me out personally, so I’d be going for something a bit drier if it were me getting married… those pics are going to be around for while , and I don’t look to flash when holding a shit ton of fluid. Stana and Mast would be nice if you can get them ; )


I am assuming you are using an AI and caber and have PCT planned. Saying that run the sust at 500mg as planned. Front load the Deca at 750mg the first week, 500mg the second and shoot 250mg from week three to week seven, this should have the deca active by week three and the dose of 250mg that you want should have peaked and would be active in your system, it will taper off by week 9 leaving you fairly dry by week 10. It is a much better approach IMO and will make PCT a lot smoother also, the last thing you want is to be shut down from Deca.

Run the D-Bol to kick start the cycle for the first 4 weeks and add in a dry compound such as winny at 50mg a day if you can for the last 4 weeks to dry out a bit.

That is how I would run it anyway.

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awesome i never thought to front load deca like that makes so much sense and yea defs look into a dryer compound for the end cheers

No problem mate. Personally I would avoid the Clen on cycle and try to lean bulk, if you know your maintenance kcal and have your diet planned you should be fine, the water weight will come off when you drop the deca and add in the winny.

id run the the clen if looking for recompish gains, or something like albuterol, for me personally its slightly anabolic, have used it even on a lean bulk, or recomp with success, and I would not add the winny, your just asking to tear your shit up

Do you lift heavy when you cut?

i always lift fairly heavy i just add an extra conditioning session each day during cuts

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Just run the cycle as planned then and drop kcal slowly, should see you sorted. As stated above go easy with the winny, easy to injure yourself on it. Use it as a tool t get that end look, try not to smash the weight too much.

so an update im 1 week in my strength is way up more than i expected witch is kinda weird i thought because i didnt expect much strength gains from just suss and deca so idk but the other thing is its UGL actually made by the bikies and the cork from the suss is ridiculous so if any one has any ways to minimise the cork any suggestions are welcome