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Sust/D-Bol Cycle


I am thinkin about starting sust/ d-bol cycle, I have all the PCT squared away...I am going to do 500mg/wk of sust ( two shots a week) for ten weeks, and d-bol at 40 mg Ed for 4 weeks....lET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THIN
Stat: 195lbs, 22 yrs old, 6 years lifting, 8-9% bf


not many bro's around here are very fond of sust as you will see for yourself. if possible get your hands on some test cyp or enth. you would make better gains and only have to inject once a week. if you are stuck with the sust consider shooting 3 times a week. good luck



thanks for the advice....i will consider changing becasue i can get my hands on anythin i wantt...


I have never read a post were someone has takin Sust. wit out good gains unless it was bunk. the only reason not many bro's around here are very fond of sust. is because it must be takin at least 2 times a week. Other than that it great for a first cycle. Gettin better gains from test E alone? Well IMO I dont think so. Dude I would read up on Sust in some other more popular forums and you will see Sust is a Good first cycle.


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well i am going to procede with the sust and dbol..i will let you know how it goes