Sust Cycle

I am about to recieve 20 amps of sustanon by organon and am a little confused about what to do…You see, I plan to run 500 mg a week for 8 weeks, maybe frontloading 750 in the first week, obviously using nolvadex daily and clomid post cycle…My problem is that I only have 29 gauge insulin syringes that only hold 50 mg of a substance, so I don’t really know what to do…Should I get bigger needles or should I deal with the 5 injections per amp it will take me for 250 mg? Thanks for the help, sorry for the long post…

You can get insulin syringes with a 1ml case. That would hold the entire 1ml amp of sustanon for a single injection. Or you can go buy some 25g needles with the 3ml cases. Its really up to you, but the insulin syringe is definetly the less painful injection.

either way, drawing up the sust using insulin syringes will be impossible. The needle is not long enough, and the pin is very narrow as well which would take alot of time to draw the oil - even if you could reach the oil with the pin.

My advice is for single shots, (if you are lean of course). Get some 3cc syringes with 18 gauge inch 1/2 needles. Use them to draw out the sust, then get 1cc insulin syringes. take out the plunger of the insuling syringes - hold it in your teeth to ensure the black rubber doesn’t touch anything. -then back fill the syring with your drawing needle, replace the plunger and clear the air. This is the best way to do it.

If your not lean, just get 25 gauge 1 inch needles and change the pin from the 18 to the 25 after you draw it up. As long as you don’t touch anything besides the inside of the amp with the 18 gauge needle, you can re-cap it and use it over and over again as your drawing needle.