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Sust Bottle Came Open

What’s up guys. Just got a new bottle of sustanon 250 and when I opened it the casing around the rubber stopper all came off. Seems like the rubber stopper is in there tight enough, just wondering if it’ll be an issue if it’s not totally air tight or any air got in.

If you want to be 100% safe then you need to get a fresh sterilized vial. Withdraw the steroid from the old vial. Put on a filter(the type used for brewing steroids and ) onto a syringe, then a needle 21g on the syringe and inject the fluid through the filter, into the fresh vial.

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So I take it the issue is it may not be sterile? Or do you think the gear will crash or go bad?

Sterility is the potential issue. It might still be fine but if I were you I wouldn’t risk the chance of infection.

Thanks man appreciate the info, I’m gonna square it away to be safe for sure.